Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Throwback Thursday. August 2010 day at the pool with the fam-bam...

August for us usually means hitting the pools in Japan. Today's throwback takes us to 1 day back in August 2010 when our family went to spend the day at the pool! Yep 1 cooler and 1 Costco bag, clearly nothings changed there! : ) Hahaha. 

I always pack a very filling picnic lunch. And also bring plenty of snackie stuff for the kids throughout the entire day and enough drinks to last the entire day as well. : ) This day, I brought my homemade ginger karaage and rice balls. I didn't have plastic wrap this morning when I was wrapping up the rice balls. But you know...wasn't worth cancelling a day at the pools. So never fear. Just used tin foil instead. Not the greatest but ehhh it worked in a pinch! : ) 

The kids wanted to be buried a bit! We were like...yeah we can do that! : )  Hi gorgeous happy kids!

Hanging in the normal pools. 

I see something is squirreled away in your cheek Noah! I know that's a piece of chicken! : ) And yep, lemonade. I always bring 2 of these. : ) 

Plenty of snackies!!! Chocolate pudding cups. Dried mango, Marie cookies, trail mix bars, like granola bars. So anytime throughout the day. If you feel like a snack just go back to our tent and grab whatever you feel like munching. : ) 

Having a great day gorgeous! : ) 

And yes, even if I packed everything but the kitchen sink...snack-wise. If my kids still would like a soft serve ice-cream or a churro, Okay. You can get one too. Heck why not... it's summer! Summer should be enjoyed! Love you BrannyB. : )