Friday, August 05, 2016

Summer update...

How's everyone's summer been going so far? As for us here. It's been really nice. I do have a bigger "bits and pieces" post to put up soon. But, I did just want to touch bases with you all today real quick though.

Today's Saturday here. And today our family plan is to go to a kakigori shop that specializes in making shave ice/kakigori. We're looking forward to that. And I just just finished getting my pizza dough set and it's resting now for the day covered nicely in the kitchen. So homemade pizza and salads for supper for us here.

Tomorrow, we're going to be having a quiet little backyard BBQ. And backyard BBQ's are always nice.

This week's plan is to either hit the pool or the beach. So, I have decided to make a karaage obento when we go. Since last time we brought sandwiches with us to the beach.

We leave Japan for vacation August 21st. I think we get back to Japan on like the 31st or 1st. I'll have to double check the dates, but somewhere around those dates.

Going on vacation means. Rest and relaxation for us all. But it also means since I live in Japan. If there is any food item I need, I better have that food list written down and not forget. Also if I need any cosmetics or face wash or face moisturizer. You know what I mean. It means. I have to have things written down. So when I am walking around Target. I can stay on track and remember what it is that I'm looking for. So, I have been watching my favorite 3 American YouTube vloggers and if anything seems like it would be interesting to me. I have been writing it down. So I have been watching videos like "what's new at the drugstore" and "what's new at Sephora" Those types of videos, when I have a bit of free time.

Two of Noboru's coworkers family's are in Oahu right now. 1 of Noboru's coworkers family is in Guam right now. One of Noboru's coworkers family could not get on the flight to Honolulu. yes a 3rd family and so they ended up going to USJ and visiting the Osaka area. Which is disappointing for them because they had their heart set on Honolulu. : (  1 of Noboru's coworkers is leaving 1 day before we leave, but they're heading to Florida to go to Disney World. And 1 of Noboru's coworkers is leaving the day AFTER we fly out of Japan, but they're going to New York, he and his family.  We have our room already booked and the car rental booked too. So we're just trying to quietly chill here in Japan enjoy the summer and BBQ, swim and eat plenty of shave ice. And just quietly get ourselves ready for our trip. : )