Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer fun in Japan! Wave pool family fun at the water park and a picnic lunch...

7 days from now my family and I will be gone on vacation. So, I am trying to get as much as I can posted between now and then. Last week, Monday August 8th my family and I went to the wave pool place for the entire day. It was the perfect best day to go! Reason? A typhoon was expected to hit Chiba the next day. It didn't, it fizzled before it ever got to Chiba. However the day before was so nice and breezy and windy. It felt so good. versus hot steamy sauna type weather. So it was such a nice day to go. It was hot weather high 80's in temps. But so nice and breezy it was so nice and the cool breezes meant none of us died of heat stroke. : ) Also it was cloudy at times and that was nice versus being beaten down by the sun. So perfect best weather day to spend a whole day outside totally. : )  Happy boys spending a perfect day at the wave pool place. There are a ton of different types of pools. If you're from Colorado think Water World. If you're from anywhere else, just think....water park. And that's where we were. : )

The boys splashing and having a really good time. Noboru and I were splashing too.: )

Summer fun!

Wave pool time. Let's go! I'm so ready! Let me snap a pic or two and I'll be joining you all in a sec!

After going from pool to pool to pool. Burying the kids in the sand yet again. Even now! We went back to our tent area and had some lunch. I had sliced and marinated the chicken the day before and so it marinated for 24 hours. Since the BBQ we had at home... the day before. It was so marinated and gingery! Yumm. We had tons of karaage (Japanese style fried chicken) rice balls, we had cookies, fresh fruit and yes 2 bottles of lemonade. We had a fantastic picnic lunch and plenty of snacky goodness too. 

BrannyB just enjoying the cool breezes about to dig into his lunch. You can see the cooler behind B, we had our fruit and drinks inside there.

Noah checking things out, while I grabbed the plates for our lunch.

After lunch we went right back at it. We weren't swimming a marathon or anything but some splashing after lunch was okay.  Wave pool time! 

Full tummy's and happy smiles from Noah!

You look so happy too Branden. You're really growing up kiddo.

We splished. We splashed. We slid down slides. We swam. We frolicked. We wave pooled. We picnic-ed. We had done it all. And we went home. We took fast showers and went out to dinner. We also went to eat ramen after we showered at home. We went and ate noodles after our beach day too. Reason? Because I make a picnic lunch and it's not fair to make a huge meal twice on a pool day. So we always eat out on beach or pool days. We can go anywhere of course to eat.... but we 4 always crave ramen after a good pool day. Why? I don't know. : )  

I had my usual tantanmen. I love it here. It's so good. The rest all ordered shoyu ramen. We enjoyed our hot delicious bowl of noodles. Noboru even ordered extra noodles for the 3 of them. Swimming does make people hungry. : ) 

And we stopped and each got a slice of cake from a fantastic little cake shop on the way home. It was near the noodle shop, there is no cake shop in my tiny town. hahaha. : ) All in all, it was a fantastic day. A day of playing at the wave pool. A picnic lunch. Some hot noodles for supper at a friendly restaurant we've been going to for years. And some cake at home for dessert. The most perfect low key type of day! Awesome! : )  Summer fun in Japan, totally! : )