Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Summer Festival Fun...

Our housing community throws a beautiful and fun Summer festival every year! It's really nice for us who live here because we don't have to worry about parking or finding a parking space. We live right here. And so we can just walk up and enjoy the festival when we want and if we need to use the restroom or anything in 1 minute we can be home. It's so nice having a summer festival in our actual housing community every summer. Here was Branden walking up through our center park in our housing community. Our housing community has about 7 different park like areas throughout our housing community. This is the centeral and main one though. There is a tennis courts in this center one too. Notice the lights around the edging of the lawn too it is so gorgeous at night to have such a nice walking path where we live, especially with all the nice trees. 

Noah enjoying the summer festival. It's just a local festival. Mostly everyone who comes here is just residents of our housing community. However handfuls of folks from other parts of our town will come down and enjoy too. Basically just town people though. So it's really nice. Everyone knows everyone else here at this festival. : ) No real strangers to speak of here. : )  And as for our town other areas...also have festivals too. The older side of town has a festival earlier than ours every summer and the 1 other housing community will be having one too. But this one is nicest for us and I only say that... because we can literally just walk 1 minute from home and be here. : ) 

Branden enjoying the festival. He hung out with his best friend Genki and Noah. And talked to a ton of his friends and classmates from the local JHS/middle school. Noah also talked with his classmates but mainly he hung with his older brother Bran. : ) Noboru and I stood for a bit off and on. The kids stayed the entire time. It was just from 4pm-9pm. So not too long. And they did walk home for dinner. I made buffalo chicken wings, potato salad from the batch I made the day before and we had a side of rice with that and salads and watermelon. And then they went right back to the festival. They ate dinner in less than 30 minutes and went right back. : ) 
Here is the fabulous yakisoba stand. There was yakisoba. Hot dogs. Oden (not into that at all, I am so sorry...but lovely folks who make it every year though), kakigori (shave ice), homemade sembei, yakiniku rice balls, classmates of both my kids mom's make these yearly, lots of  really good food made by very good neighbors and friends. And the kids always have pocket money from Noboru to buy whatever they'd like. I also bought some Coolish and had it in the freezer a few days ahead of time and the kids walked it back after supper so they could enjoy that at the festival too. Yes, I totally plan ahead on stuff like this sorrynotsorry. But to make sure dinner-wise, I usually will always make a complete fairly-easy to make meal for us all at home. At night there is always a raffle. We won one year! We won 2 pasta/curry dishes. Hopefully we can win another time too. We always enter once a year and are hopeful each year. : ) All in all, it was a fantastic and fun summer festival. : )