Wednesday, August 10, 2016

My most recent trip to Costco and my cart pic from that trip...

August 2nd, the fam-bam and I went to Costco. We also went to 2 other grocery stores in Inzai that day too (Joyful Honda and Gyomu Supermarket). We had lunch at Costco after finishing our shopping at Costco. The kids and I had slices of pizza and Noboru had a hot dog and we ordered 2 giant soft serve ice cream cups and we shared those before the car ride back to our town. Anyways, this is what we picked up that day. I was buying my chicken breast at the cheap meat store for years, however I switched to buying it at Costco. Reason, the cost is the same but at Costco the tax is included and at the cheap meat store tax isn't included. So maybe a few yen cheaper but still...savings is still a savings. So I buy my chicken breast now at Costco. So those 2 packs are really 8 packs of chicken breast and 2 breasts per pack. So a lot of chicken breast. Enough for 1 weeks use. Cheese far back right. Shredded Mozzarella cheese and shredded colby cheese. Pace picante a 2 pack/jar of those. A rotisserie for dinner for that night. A huge honkin' cheesecake. This is so good. Love this. And tortilla chips. Oh and finally my Costco now sells the huge containers full of sour cream now. So I bought 2 of those, those are the 2 containers in front of the cheese. Reason for buying 2? Last week we were having soft rotisserie taco night, nacho night and we also had taco night with ground beef with crispy shells. So we needed the sour cream. My Costco Makuhari always carried the big containers of sour cream. Even the whole past 13 years or so. Which is wonderful. However my now closest Costco...Costco Chiba New Town has never ever sold the sour cream. Not ever! We have asked. Commented. And never! Finally we saw it. We were shocked. Pleasantly surprised to say the least. So...hoping this store will now forever carry it.  

Our dinner from August 2nd. I throw the rotisserie chicken into the oven for 30 minutes to recrisp the skin and heat it up. While the chickens doing it's thing in the oven. I am making the Spanish rice. And you can see my salsa is super blended. I throw 1 whole jar of Pace into my blender and press liquefy. That way no huge chunks of stuff. Noboru always pulled out the onion chunks. The kids always tossed the tomato hunks. And this way... on liquefy everything is blended and everyone eats it all. Takes me just 1 minute to blend it. And we prefer it this way. Some lettuce chopped already in a bag for 98 yen. And all on a plate. Spanish rice, rotisserie chicken, lettuce, handful of cheese and a scoop of sour cream and salsa. And a side of tortillas. This makes very delicious rotisserie chicken and Spanish rice soft tacos with tons of fresh toppings. Sort of like soft tacos or whatever you wanna call it. But it's a super fast meal. It's a delicious meal. And a cheap one. The rotisserie chickens have been on sale almost all summer here in Japan. 698 yen. And 698 most definitely stuffs and feeds a family of 4. And the sour cream we used for other meals too and same for the cheese. Same for the pace salsa. So an actually really affordable but delicious meal... made at home. Except the rotisserie was made at Costco, but you know what I mean. But so so good. This is always a good fast meal for our family here in Japan. : )