Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Enjoying some shave ice (kakigori) in the Japanese countryside...

August 13th, my family and I went to eat shave ice (kakigori) from another little shop. This shop is a little stand in front of their house. It's just 10 short miles away from our house so it's pretty close to us. Yes, I live in rural Japan, so this shop is obviously in rural Japan as well. : ) Which is totally fine and fun actually! This is in Ibaraki Japan and you already know that... I live literally a 2 minute drive from the Ibaraki border. Think of prefectures in Japan like states in the USA. So the actual edge of Chiba and edge of Ibaraki is where we live. : ) Noah ordered a ramune flavored shave ice. Somebody else just pulled up and wanted shave ice too and parked near our car, so Noboru was watching a dad and his child : ) 

Branden and I each picked the same flavor. We each ordered a mikan shave ice. Also, I should mention this lady who was probably mid 40's in age, if I were to take a guess. She made all the flavors handmade/homemade. She only has like 8 flavors for that week on the menu board and that was very nice, flavors change weekly. This mikan was out of this world, it was so good!

We were enjoying. Noboru's was meanwhile coming up.

This was Noboru's. Noboru ordered a matcha (green tea) with azuki beans on top.

They had 2 goats and this was one of them. He was just munching on some greenery. 

Here's the other one. 

And a sheep. There was also a medium brown sheep and a dark brown sheep too.

I love that my 11 year old thinks that he can whistle to the goats. Childlike innocence, I tell ya! : ) 

It's a wonderful area for kids to be raised.

Love that my teenager was updating his Line message with a picture of a goat! What a country teen! LOL. : ) His friends were laughing apparently! : ) He also shared a pic of his shave ice. 

Natural weed control right here! Hahaha. : ) 

Their house was this modern very nice red house with solar panels on top. I have been watching the show Tiny House and Tiny House Hunters all summer long, so I was really excited to see their house. The style really was cool. Their door was super nice. I love that she had about 30 cucumbers on her front porch on the ground. When we pulled up. We waited outside for a few minutes. We at first wondered if they were open? Her husband was a farmer and saw us coming and he must have realized his wife wasn't outside, he ran and knocked on their door and said "wife you have customers outside" She was really nice and really modern looking. She said I am so sorry. I usually always hear if a car comes down our road. Noboru said, "it's not your fault we drive an electric car so that's why" And she was laughing and said..."that must be why." This was their own car and I did white out their license plate. But she sold fresh veggies in those blue and orange crates. This day she had sweet potatoes and kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) I love kabocha. : ) She also sold flowers too. Freshly picked flowers. These were her other customers. Selling shave ice is just her summer hobby. The silver building is her little stand her husband got for her. : ) Nice...wonderful couple. : )  

Their land is huge. They had this huge wood pile for winter stoves and fireplace, I imagine. In their new and modern home. 

I am not sure if you can see them or not. But there are 2 chickens under this tree. They were just relaxing. And they did walk around, they are the true meaning of free range chickens. Hahaha. : ) 

A huge garden area for their own personal usage. 

An adult horse. 

A better pic of their garden.

They had plenty of fruit trees. A totally self sufficient family!

Two ponies.

No barrier between the 2 little ponies and the adult, these horses have a huge area to run and play and walk and be happy horses. 

You can see their cute little red house in the background. 

Lucky country sheep! : )  

All in all, a pretty good afternoon spent, just 10 miles up the road from us, enjoying some shave ice. Chit chatting with some nice folks and enjoying watching some happy and well taken care of animals. Definitely a great afternoon! : )