Monday, August 08, 2016

Eating kakigori at a Japanese traditional sweet shop (a wagashiya)

Saturday, August 6th our family went to a Wagashiya. Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets. And so a Wagashiya is just a shop that sells traditional Japanese style treats. Besides carrying the regular ones in the display case. This place also sells kakigori which is shave ice. Japanese shave ice is the bestbestbest!!! And this place also sells homemade soft serve ice cream. This place is about a 30 minute drive from our house. So not too terribly far, but not in our town either though. 
Noah picked a lemon kakigori. Which is a lemon shave ice. There was one old woman working this shop. This is her shop, she owns it. She was mid to late 60's if I were to take a guess. She was incredibly nice and friendly. She made all our stuff for us, 1 at a time, since it was just her working here. She made Noah's first. It was huge! And the ice was so light and fluffy. 
Mine came out second. I picked white peach flavor. It was so good! And huge! Branden ordered a homemade vanilla ice cream. And she gave us a bowl so I could share my shave ice with Branden if I wanted. And I did. I shared. : ) Noboru ordered a matcha, which is a green tea, shave ice with red beans inside. He loved his. He kept saying. This is *so* good! We all agreed, her shop is so good! : ) A perfect way to spend an afternoon in the Japanese summer time! : )