Monday, August 01, 2016

Beach Family Fun!

Tuesday, July 26th was the day our family was heading to the beach. We're lucky in that we have near-ish Ibaraki beaches to go to and near-ish "Country parts" of Chiba to go to too. Anyways the day before we went to Costco and bought a rotisserie chicken, dinners rolls, sliced cheese etc. I like using the Costco dinner rolls for picnic sammys in Japan because if we used regular bread they'd be soggy by lunch time and these keep our sandwiches perfect by lunch time. I made Bran and Noah 11 of these sandwiches. 5 each, plus 1 extra. A perfect amount for the boys. Noboru and I had 4 each of these packed up. The ones in this picture had Swiss cheese on them.

These ones had cheddar. A sprinkling of salt and black pepper. Miracle Whip and some crispy lettuce. We also brought two 2 liters of lemonade with us. Chips. I definitely pack a great picnic lunch. Extra sunscreen. Napkins, cups, you name it, I brought it. : ) 

This was a short 40 minute ride from our house and we decided to hit the one of the many beaches in Ibaraki. Our first time hitting a beach in Ibaraki by the way. This beaches waters are rated on some scale in Japan and it's rated as AA for having very clear water. Sand still looks dark gray to me but the water was quite clear. How was the weather? Hot! Humid melting sauna like hot. But the grayest colored day you'd ever see! So gray. The gray didn't bother us at all. It was a weekday, the beach was pretty much deader than a doornail. And that suited us just fine! Perhaps the gray kept everyone away? Awesome! The boys always have a play partner in each other. Good thing they are brothers. I was an only child growing up and so I can see the difference. 

Hotter than heck. Grayer than heck. There were a few scattered people here and there. 

The current was naturally moving the kids one certain direction. So, Noboru was talking to Noah about that. Something to look out for.

With boogie boards in hand.

The waves were really good sized here. Not huge but not weak waves either. The kids had so much fun riding in and back out again and again. 

Noah is so ready to catch the next wave in this pic!

We brought chairs, we had our cooler with drinks and our sandwiches and fresh peaches. We had our chips in the Costco bag, cups, napkins, trash bag for collecting wrappers or trash after lunch, sunscreen. There's my towel right there, I had just come from the water and snapped this pic. So, I dried myself off a bit.

A pretty dead beach! And very few people. There was however, 3 lifeguards on duty 2 girls and 1 guy very friendly and nice.

And zero people on this side.

After a few hours of boogie boarding, it was time for lunch.

Having tons of  good food is so nice, because as you know swimming makes people so hungry. Hahaha. : ) We had Ruffles, sour cream and onion and taco chips, we had all sorts of chips. We had the sweetest fresh peaches. 

And the world's worst cupcakes ever ever EVER. Oh well, live and learn. These were a complete dud! We did however reapply some sunscreen regardless of the gray day right after lunch.

Noboru bringing the boys their boards.

Such a good daddy. Tying Noah's shorts. These Gap swim shorts you don't even need to tie them because they're like glued on there, but Noah likes them tied anyways and Noboru always ties them for him. : )

Noboru in his swim trunks. Yep he swam too. For a long long time actually. And I swam as much as the kids did. 

Summer is so nice. No stress. Just family fun time. Gray day? Who cares really. It was such an awesome day!
Happy Noah. Beach family fun...totally! : )