Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Backyard BBQ Fun...

Sunday, August 7th our family had yet another simple backyard BBQ. As you know we BBQ every week here at our house in the summer. Not just for birthdays or special occasions. We BBQ more like the American way...meaning...we BBQ for the average every day meal. It's hot... it's summer so better to cook outdoors. : )  This day we had yakiniku. Marinated chicken breast, and rosu (super lean beef) grilled marinated mushrooms. We had sauce for dipping. Lettuce to wrap our meat and rice with. Side salads because well... it's summer and we eat a whole lot of salads in the summer. Just super simple. Super low key which is anyways. You know what I mean. : )

The prettiest backyard view. A true rural, life in the true countryside of Japan view... behind our home. Lush vibrant green rice fields as far as the eye can see. We absolutely love where we built our home. It's so peaceful here and gorgeous and lush and green!

Just a family of 4 enjoying a summer dinner together. Eating, talking, laughing, enjoying a good meal. I love summer and I love my family. : )