Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

In the summer of 2008, my nephew K came to spend 2 weeks with our family during the summer break! We were so excited he could come and spend some time with us! He is also half American too. He is the older brother of my fabulous niece J, who you might recall from my New Year's post this past January. Out of 3 kids my MIL (mother in law) had. 2 of her children married Americans. Noboru (my husband) and my sil Kaori. My bil Jun married a Japanese. And although my sil K, did divorce. She does have 2 kids. Both being half American.. my niece J and my nephew K. My nephew K has been living in America since the 4th grade. He's 1 year older than Branden. Just thought I'd throw that little blurb out there, real quick. I am pretty sure you are all old school readers of my blog. But someone who could be a new reader, might be wondering about cousin K. So just easier to say quickly and get it over with. : ) On this day we decided to take the kids to the science museum in Tokyo! What a long drive, but the kids enjoyed it. We however... were surprised to see Ultraman just sitting there along the street and so even though we were on our way elsewhere. We stopped and took pics of the kids with Ultraman. These 3 ultra nerds with Ultraman! : )

At the science museum.

Noboru wrapping cousins Branden and K inside a giant bubble. 

Noah was happy just watching. But then Noboru said, "get inside too Noah" So 3 cousins inside a giant super sized bubble. 

Along the way home, we decided to stop for some yakiniku. Stuff up the kids really well with some marinated grilled meats, rice, kimchi and unlimited drink bar, etc!

Noah waiting for his meats to grill. Sharing some soup with daddy. And also sipping on an iced cocoa. The 3 boys zonked hard in the car after dinner. A long, but fun day for the boys.
What should we do today mommy? What should we do today auntie? Never fear, I know exactly what to do. Go grab your swimsuits kids. I'll go grab the Slip N Slide. Cousin K and Bran sliding down forever. 

After Noah woke up from his toddler nap. He joined the bigger boys. 

Another day. I pulled out the bubbles. And the water guns. That kept them busy the entire morning all the way up until lunch. Then after lunch they went right back out. 

Oh yes, after lunch they were surely positive... there was a deadly spider. So 3 boys went after that spider. This whole spider fiasco took about a good 45 minutes. I was prepping dinner early. And loved the fact this caught their interest so much. All that squealing. And running. Kids, I tell ya. : ) I personally find kids so funny. 

Yep, the night of bubble blowing and spider catching. I made sure that I taco-ed my nephew! Hahaha. I stuffed everyone up with tacos. We had ground beef tacos and also chicken tacos. Then turns to shower and some TV and wind down time, before bed time. Yep, I see salsa, sour cream, lettuce. 

Another day, the kids went and pulled the dashi in our housing area. Kids all chant...wasshoi wasshoi. As they pulled this rope. They have bells around their necks. It's very fun for kids. The weather was quite hot. All the kids looked a bit over heated. But popsicles would come afterwards. Don't over heat kids! Most importantly....HAVE FUN! : ) 

Now those are 2 happy faces! Nicely cooling down by the popsicles. Gari Gari-kun popsicles. Bran was talking with a classmate at the time. The kids enjoyed the summer festival that night too. I made sure my nephew was kept busy doing lots of different things. Fun things. Even every day things were fine. Like playing a board game. Uno. Family movie night with popcorn and treats. But, I did make sure to think of something each day, while he was here. : ) 
This day, I asked them if they'd like to bake a coconut cream pie. They made 100% of this all on their own. I did supervise and watch the entire time though, for safety. Each of the boys rolled out the crust. And they each measured ingredients to make the crust. I baked the crust/shell in the oven (didn't want anyone to get burned by the oven). And they mixed the coconut pudding filling. And let it chill in the fridge all day. And they did toast the shredded coconut.

A 100% child- made... a totally from scratch coconut cream pie. That toasted coconut on top of the whipped cream was so delicious. And the 3 of them really enjoyed it. They were so proud. I remember that night, when my nephew was on the phone with my sil in Osaka. He told her "mom I baked a pie today!" I was just smiling. And happy hearing that! : ) 
That's our housing community in the background. This day we went and caught some crawdads. Zarigani. They slept over night (the crawdads) and then the boys took them back to this canal.

Eating dinner. And what big smiles from my nephew K. This was taken the day we caught the crawdads. I made yakisoba this night. 

 A nice summer family dinner.
Showers every night. And some TV before bed. This night however we were watching a movie. This was our movie night. I popped some popcorn. We were watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or something. Everyone in their jammies with freshly washed hair and bodies. And just relaxing before bed. Anyway, this is just a snippet from 2008. A throwback to when cousin K visited us for 2 weeks.: )