Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

Just a super simple 1 picture TBT this week. Just of a regular weekly common backyard BBQ that our family has often during the summer time, here at our house (weekly). We have marinated chicken, beef, veggies. We had BBQ/roasted corn and roasted potatoes, you can see the extra potatoes in that bowl/dish. You also see fresh mini seedless grapes and fresh watermelon on the dinner table as well. Little dishes with yakiniku sauce for dipping our meats with, for some extra added flavor. And lots of talking and laughter going round the table that night. I want to hear about every one's day. Dinner time is that time when we can reconnect as a family. And share our experiences of what we all did that day. Our dinner time is pretty important around here. It always was when I was growing up and I want my kids to know that's our family time. Time where we can just chill. Talk. Was your day great and fantastic? Was it a poopy day? Whatever your day was like, tell us...we want to know... this is the time where we can all be there for one another. And enjoy good food too. It's just our time. Our family time. Heck...when I was growing up...if the phone rang during the dinner hour...we didn't even pick up the phone and answer it! Hahaha. That's how sacred/important our dinner hour was, when I was growing up. For real! : ) Hahaha. And it's pretty much the same at our house now. It's just our... quiet little dinner hour. Our time. : )

Anyways, how's every one's week been? I went to the movies yesterday with my 2 amazing girl friends. We went and saw the Alice and Wonderland 2. Through the Looking Glass. How did I like it? I REALLY liked it you guys! Which says a lot because I was only "so so" on the first Alice movie. I was like meh! On the first movie. So, I was very surprised to really and truly liked this 2nd one so much. How did Helena Bonham Carter's (Iracebeth's) head get so big in Through the Looking Glass? It was explained. Would I buy the DVD for this? Nope! It wasn't THAT good. Or maybe this type of movie just isn't my cup of tea to where I would personally want it in my collection of movies. However, I did really enjoy the 2nd movie much better than the first Alice and Wonderland movie.

I have a hair appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30am for a hair color only. My hair is still all one length and at my shoulders. And I will get a cut in August. But for now, I only need a color.

The kids last week of school is NEXT week. However it is a funky schedule. They don't go to school on Monday, next Monday. Is it a holiday here or maybe not? Either way... they have 1 final FULL day of school next Tuesday. Last day of lunch etc. And Wednesday they both get out at 11am. So Wednesday is their last official day however it's only until 11am. So Tuesday is their last whole/full day. Which is why I am heading to the salon tomorrow. That way I can get my color looking fine and on point, before they go on break.  So after next Wednesday, I am free ya'll. I love when my boys are on summer break! I can stay up late. I can sleep in. Don't get me wrong, I still get things done here at the house! But, I like not having to wake up at 5:30am like I do now. I just feel much happier and free when the kids are on break! Hurry up next Wednesday hurry and get here! : )

Dinner tonight? Karaage, fresh corn on the cob, the last of this weeks homemade potato salad, rice. Fresh super sweet plums for dessert tonight. Kids will be taking a packed karaage obento to school for tomorrow, with veggies and fruit, etc. Noah swam yesterday at school, Branden is swimming today. And Noah swims tomorrow too. Japan is hot now and so the kids swim at school a lot in our town. Keeps the kids cool. : )  Also, we took the boys to get their teeth cleaned and checked... their every 6 months dental check on Monday. No cavities, they've never had one, thank gawd!!! And the dentist said their teeth look fantastic! So glad to have gotten the dentist for both Bran and Noah scratched off the list... of things to do too. So we have been on top of things here. And just waiting until next Wednesday rolls around. Then we can really relax. : ) Tomorrow's Friday. Have a great weekend you guys! : )