Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Throwback Thursday, Guam July 2008...

July 2008 our family of 4 went to spend a couple nights in Guam. We stayed from July 12th to the 15th. So 4 days and 3 nights. A perfect amount of time for our family to go and soak up some sun and enjoy our summer break. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel. This was our room for that trip.

Our view, we were really high up. 

Turn down service is so nice. And the little chocolates and the next days forecast. Next days forecast says 88 degrees F. Awesome perfect weather for hanging near the pool.

We did enjoy our evening there and dinner that night and here were the boys watching some TV before sleep.

Next morning we enjoyed some breakfast. And yes I have been loving those bacon egg and cheese biscuits for that long. McLoving It!!!

Noah drinking some orange juice and he had sausage and pancakes. Noboru had the big breakfast and Bran had sausage and pancakes too.

After we all ate breakfast. We went poolside for the day. 

Branden sliding down the slide.

A happy family splish splashing! : )

This I loved so much! This beautiful outgoing little half Japanese/ half American little girl who was also vacationing with her family. Except she had an American papa and a Japanese mommy. She saw my kids and maybe because my kids are also hafu too. Because there were definitely other kids around. 100% Japanese kids. 100% white kids. 100% Korean kids on vacation too. But she saw my 2 kids and again maybe she saw a familiarity or something similiar between herself and my 2 boys. But she without any hesitation at all whatsoever. Came right up to my 2 boys and out of all the other kids. She wanted to play with my 2 kids. And as for me, well I thought that was just fantastic! And my kids welcomed a new friend to play with for the day! She spoke English and Japanese too. She would use Japanese with my two and they'd use it back. And she'd then use English with them and they'd use it back too. And they all on their own 3 accord decided to play in English. Why? I don't know. So they played, these 3 gorgeous half Japanese/ half American kids all morning and afternoon long together. She would speak to Noboru in Japanese 90% of the time... but would add English here and there and only spoke to me in English. Maybe she spoke English to her dad and Japanese with her mom. Meaning American parents to her... equals she speaks English and Japanese parents to her equals she speaks Japanese. I am not sure. But it was just really cool. She was not shy 1 bit. She was so out going. A total cutie pie.  And fwiw... as you know for our household, Noboru and I both exclusively use English with our 2 kids, we just always have and they are 100% bilingual, Our kids learned Japanese at school and by living here in Japan.

Then these 3 decided to make a fun game out of splashing Noboru. I thought it was hysterical. Noboru did too. The mom ran to her daughter and told her...stop doing that! I think she was just worried. The American father came by and I spoke with him, he was very nice. And I reassured him and just said..."seriously my husband loves playing with the worries...please let her splash him. He's cool with it." And he said. Cool! And he and his wife went to relax on some seats near by. This little girl was so awesome. She was about a good 2 years older than Noah. I imagine she would be in the 7th grade right now. I am sure she has long forgotten all about us. But, I still think so fondly of her. She was so outgoing and she was such a little firecracker. Little spitfire. And so beautiful. A little charmer was what she was! : ) I hope she never loses that! They truly were raising such a fantastic daughter! : )

Their little friend had to leave... she had to go and have lunch with her family. They were such a nice family. Our kids wanted to play a little longer so we did. : )

Two boys making daddy a jungle gym! : ) 

We all took good quick soapy sudsy showers and went and had some lunch of our own. Vitale's for some Italian lunch. The boys shared a small pepperoni pizza. Noboru and I each had the lasagna.

A few pics along the way to our rental car. On our way to see a movie.

About to order our popcorn and drinks. I had the chocolate bars in my purse. Shhh, let's keep that part between us. : )

The next day we were right back at it. More pool time for our family. And yes, I swam and slid down the slide every day of my stay. : )

Noboru, are you plugging your nose? LOL. : ) 
A footloose and fancy free jump from Branden. What a fantastic summer!


Okay so...are you a Burger King? Or a Burger Prince? : ) 

All that swimming sure made you hungry huh? Enjoying your stay in Guam kiddo? I know I sure did. : )

Chinese for dinner that night. This place makes the best Chinese food on Guam. It's our family favorite. However we haven't been there in years. We should definitely go back some time. We had egg foo young, fried rice, egg rolls gee how come they gave us this many? We just ordered one order, I am certain we didn't finish ALL those egg rolls. @_@ LOL. We ordered twice cooked chicken and also walnut shrimp. : )
I love that Noboru is such a "mother hen" when it comes to his kids. Noah wanted to eat on his own. Hence the...he was holding the fork by himself and really wanting to give it a shot by himself. He ate at home all the time by himself without any help from anyone. But Noboru kept grabbing a fork and saying..."let me just help you one more time" he was taking some chicken off a bone of the twice fried chicken. Then Noboru would leave Noah alone for a while and Noah would be just fine...meanwhile Noboru ate his own food. And Noah would happily be eating by himself. And then Noboru would get nervous again. Let me just help him again. And he'd grab Noah's plate away from Noah and start rearranging his food on his plate yet again. LOL. @_@  Noboru the parental worry wart. Guilty as charged. But's just because he loves his kids though. So, I guess it's rather sweet if you think about it. He doesn't do this now though obviously. Thank gawd, hasn't since they were this teeny tiny age. @_@ Hahaha. : ) He's a good papa though. : ) He cares about his family. : ) Anyway...that's a little throwback to our family from July 2008 when we were in Guam. : )