Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer break family fun! Going to the movies to see Finding Dory and Kua'Aina for dinner...

Wednesday, July 20th! The last day of school for both Branden and Noah. And only a half day at that. July 20th was the day we had our family plan to go and see Finding Dory. It may have come out in the USA a month ago. However it barely opened for us in Japan, July 16th. So 4 days after it opened we went and saw it. We went and saw this at the only movie theater in Chiba prefecture that offers it in English (sound) the original...way it was made. Versus being dubbed in Japanese. We caught the 6:30pm showing. We arrived at Ikspiari at 4:30pm-ish. We bought our tickets right as we got there and then we just walked around the mall a bit, to kill some time. 

Japanese subtitles. I really love this movie theater. I love the people working here. I love the delicious popcorn and drink combos they sell here and their prices are wonderful. Just the whole vibe of this place is so nice. 

The kids got a large caramel popcorn and 2 sodas (1 each)

Noboru and I got a large half and half (half salt half caramel) and 2 sodas too (1 each)

I saw these seats when we saw Zootopia. Knew these would be best for us for next time. Noah and Bran sat in front. And Noboru and I sat behind them. We had no other people sitting next to us and that was so perfect for us! And that way, if the kids needed to go to the restroom before the movie started there wouldn't be a whole bunch of people in our same row or aisle. Best seats for our family, hands down. 

This movie theater was filled to the gills. So many people, it was seriously packed! Glad we picked the seats we picked. What did we think about Finding Dory? We loved it! During the movie during many scenes the whole movie theater was laughing hard! And laughing loud! It's so nice to be around people who enjoyed the movie too. Would I buy it on DVD? Yes, I would. I'd love to have Finding Dory in my collection. 

I completely forgot to take a picture of our meals until they were half over/eaten! I'm so sorry. But, we went to Kua'Aina for dinner after the movie.I had a chicken teriyaki chargrilled sandwich on whole wheat and onion rings and a large guava juice. The food is so good here!
Noboru, Bran and Noah each picked a chargrilled cheeseburger and fries combo with soda. We ate, enjoyed our meal. And drove back home! It's very far from where we live. While we rode the toll highways to Ikspiari (we needed to get there as soon as possible). We drove the regular roads back home. Just cheaper that way. And we got home at 11:30pm. It was indeed super late. But was the last day of school. We were just starting our summer break. And wanting a fun way to celebrate and this was perfect. And doesn't matter if we got home late that night. We could sleep in the next day. And we did. We slept in until 8am the next day! Finding Dory? Amazing and such a fun movie! Kua'Aina? Delicious as always! A fun way to kick start summer? Done! : )