Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Recent good eats! Taquito night at our house. And homemade from scratch pizza. Plus what's on our weekly menu for this week...

Happy Tuesday you guys! If you are in the USA are you enjoying the Twilight Zone marathon on TV? It airs every New year's and every American Independence Day. And although, I was out all day today in Inzai bouncing between Joyful Honda and Costco and back home. I have been enjoying the Twilight Zone marathon since coming home, unpacking my weekly groceries and getting dinner started. As you could guess from my latest pics from Costco, I did buy a rotisserie chicken and I did say that it would be for taquito night. And sure enough, I made chicken taquitos, a side of rice and beans. We 4 enjoyed them a lot. I try to make taquitos once a month, because everybody at our house loves them. 

I find 1 rotisserie chicken plenty for a family of 4 to make taquitos PLUS, there is a tad leftover roasted chicken after wards and so, since I had leftover corn tortillas too (bought from Kaldi if you're in Japan) I just fixed myself lunch the next day too. So it made 4 dinners plus my 1 lunch the next day, pictured here. So 1 rotisserie chicken sure gets a lot of usage. Budget friendly if you can get 4 dinners plus 1 lunch from it. : ) 

Just random pics of the buns one of the nights when we were having cheeseburger night at home. Slightly buttered bun. Like how they do at restaurants. : )  I tell ya...If I'm goign to make burgers...we're going to take a stroll through FLAVOR TOWN first. Even the bun better be flavorful. : )
Give it a nice little toasting. Trust me, just doing that 1 little extra step, makes your burgers or chicken sandwiches so good. I just started doing this to our burgers/chicken sandwiches about 2 months ago and we're all hooked here doing that. : ) 
Last Friday night was of course homemade from scratch pizza night at our house plus a family movie with some popped on the stove popcorn and some treats. I make my dough in the mornings as soon as I send the boys to school. I make it all by hand. It's an old family recipe. You could also tell by the jars of jalapenos we bought from Costco, we would be adding those as well. We had mushrooms, bellpeppers, onions jalapenos, pepperoni and real 100% mozzarella cheese! My dough had been resting all day long. I waited for the boys to get home. As soon as they were home, I quickly rolled out the crust. Heated the oven to 450 F. Because we want that crust crispy and light.   

Dinner from last Friday night. We had 1 large pepperoni pizza and 1 small slightly thicker crust pizza. But as you could see by this pic, my crusts are most definitely on point, it even looks crispy in these pictures. Now that's a good looking pizza. : ) We closed all the blinds, we filled us all some sodas with ice and we enjoyed the end of the week with homemade from scratch pizza. 

We also finished up the last of our salad. We had salad and pizza, sodas. Sent the kids upstairs to get showered and situated while I put the dishes in the dishwasher and hand washed the pizza pans and then popped up the popcorn real quick. And we got ready for movie night.
Do you ever freeze food for your family? For example, when you make homemade lasagna...do you instead make 2 and freeze one and bake one. That sort of thing? The Pioneer Woman from the cooking channel got me hooked doing this since this January. I make a couple different meals for my freezer about twice a month. One night, that we had Mexican food for dinner. I had leftover beans. I knew we had no plan to use them the next day. And I'm certainly not going to throw them out. So, I re-purposed them instead. I made beans and cheese burritos and froze them. Creamy homemade from scratch beans, tons of shredded cheese and some blended salsa in there and I wrapped them up and wrapped in plastic wrap, that way the burritos wouldn't stick to one another in the freezer bag. 

I made 2 without salsa which is why you see 2 that say w/o. And 2 with. 

I dated them. I always date stuff I freeze. Branden spotted them first. And then told Noah. They did not even last a week. @_@  I have 6 frozen burritos in my freezer right now, I froze them over the weekend. @_@ Hahaha. : ) Oh and for what it's worth, in Japan guess how much Costco Japan sells 6 frozen bean and cheese burritos? Like 2000- 2500 yen...for 6. Which is so shocking to me. Next time I'm at Costco, I'll snap a pic. With a 99cent pack of beans, I can probably get 20 burritos from that. I totally understand folks buying them, if they don't know how to make their own though. That's understandable. : ) 
Since the weather has been warm I have been buying these pineapple popsicles. These taste so good, you know we buy these every single summer and that's only because these are so good. There is only 1 store near me that sells them. They have been selling these for 10 years and I buy them every year. I have never seen them at my closest Besia or Cainz or shops in Inzai. It's weird. I don't see these more often, but these are definitely worth buying if you should ever find them. Like fresh real pineapple. So good. : ) 
This is sort of funny. I really like the cookies called Coconut Sable. The packaging looks pretty similar to this, since they are from the same company and all that. However, about a month ago, I saw these. It said triple nuts. Same price as the others... about 99 yen. I think the picture and whole...triple the nuts got to me. I bought them for the kids. I tried one. These taste and look exactly like the Coconut Sable cookies exactly. Like...if you were blind taste tested...you would not be able to tell the difference between the coconut ones and the triple the nuts ones. LOL. So in case..you should see these. Just a heads up. Don't get all excited like I did. They look and taste no different. Hahaha. But still good though. : )

Since I just did my weekly shopping today. What's on the menu for us this week? It's not in any particular order.(1) Beef stew. (2)That chicken fettucini with broccoli dish I make. (3) American style fried chicken and mashed potatoes and corn on the cob. (4) Chili beans (Texas style chili) (5) Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw on top. (6) Tonight's dinner is curry spaghetti for the kids and I and curry rice for Noboru. I made 1 big pot of curry and you can either have it with rice (Noboru's fave way) or with pasta (the kids favorite way) It's not 7 nights, it's 6 nights this week because 1 night we will be at one of the Disney's. Oh that's right...I also bought an 8 pack of thicker sliced pork chops. They weren't on my list... but they were at such a sale, that I jumped on those. I think maybe next week, I can do something with those. I already have a weeks worth of food, plus the pork chops can be for next week. I also bought a box of Gari Gari-kun popsicles, regular ones in the blue box. That's a 7 pack. And 4 choco mint ice-cream cups. Just something to toss in the freezer in case the weather heats up again.

Today was so cold! Maybe because yesterday was too hot though. : ) It was as hot and as humid as a sauna yesterday. Because I spent over 2 hours in the gymnasium at Noah's school yesterday making a scarecrow. The weather was hot but the scarecrow making and chit chatting with my mom friends was a blast! Noboru had fun with his fellow Father's Club dad's too and it was nice interacting with Noah and the other kids in our team (scarecrow making team that is). All of the kids and us parents were near dying of heat stroke or melting, LOL. Despite the weather we all had a blast! : ) But today is so cold in comparison to yesterday. Yesterday was like high 80's F and today is like 69-70 F. Like two totally polar opposite days...weather-wise. : )