Monday, July 18, 2016

Noah's birthday cake...

Hi you guys! Monday here in Japan, the kids don't have school today. I have Noah's birthday separated in 2 posts. And the reason I have to do that is because we went to Disneyland for his birthday. We  also went out for his birthday dinner and stuff and that post will be semi-long. Granted not a book, but not a paragraph either. Meanwhile Noah also did have a birthday cake and he also got a fantastic present from grandpa. And so this will be the easier, meaning smaller post to get up. The Disneyland post will go up next. My dad sent Noah a birthday card! My dad always sends the nicest and coolest cards for both Branden and Noah. You can always tell a lot of thought goes into finding the perfect card. : ) Noah's birthday card arrived the 3rd week in June. My dad is very on time and on the ball. : ) 

He always wants the kids to pick out their own gift. And that's really nice that he chooses to do that. 

A nicely packed present. 

Noah picked a brand new cell phone. He bought it from Asus Japan, that way if anything happens the customer service here in Japan will be top notch. Noah wanted red. Not black. And since it's his present. Red it was. : )

A totally top of the line phone. He loves it so much! Everyone in our household has a cell phone except Noah. And he's been asking for one, forever. Not sure if I'd give one to my child if we lived in the US. However, in Japan. If say you are at Kumon or at swim club, you might need to use a phone to call your parents from Kumon, granted you could always ask to use the Kumon teachers landline, but there could be a wait to use that single phone and honestly so many kids here now days use and have them, it doesn't even warrant a raised eyebrow. Now, when he plays, if he needs something he calls home. We 4 can Line message each other and we also have a private Line family chat where we can message each other. So again...I can't tell if my choices would be the same if I lived elsewhere. But here in the rural side of Japan. It has come in handy for Noah. Does he play games on his phone? Nope! That's what he has his tablet for. It's strictly a...getting a hold of mom or dad or his big brother. He can Skype with grandpa. Does he use it every second? Nope. But it is useful and he's very happy he has it. Noah also received money from grandma Mitsuko and he used half of that to buy a Google Play card and also saved half of the money. And for us, we asked Noah what he wanted from us this year for his birthday. And he said he'd love to go to Disney and so that's what we did. Even though the Disney website says it costs adults to get into the park 7400 yen (US $74) it is cheaper if you are in Chiba and buy your tickets at 7-11. Noboru's and my tickets were 6800 yen (US $68) each. And Bran is a junior so his ticket was 5900yen (US $59) and Noah's was 4400 yen (US $44) Considering just the cost to get into the park for us was 23,900 yen (US $239.00) Plus each time you refill your bucket of popcorn it's 500-550 yen each bucket refill. And we fill 3 each time. Plus lunch we had at Disney. Plus shave ice. Plus we also went out to dinner and dinner alone was 9000 yen (US $90.00) It would be fair to say by the time we left the park for that 1 day we spent about 45,000 yen (US $450.00) Granted it would have been way cheaper to buy a gift. But it's what our son wanted for his birthday. A birthday comes around just once a year. It's his special day. And if going to Disneyland was Noah's birthday wish. Then...granted! Done and done. : ) 

We ordered Noah's birthday cake mid June. And since we were to be spending the entire July 7th at Disneyland. We had Noah's birthday cake the day before his birthday. I also made Noah a special meal at home. I asked him what he'd like and he chose Texas style chili. You know like Wendy's chili but homemade. So, all Wednesday, I made a pot of chili. After the boys got home from school we ate. And after we ate, we had some birthday cake. Sadly Noboru had to work that day, however we saved him 2 slices of cake for when he got home. A 2 layer icecream cake with cake at the bottom. Top layer was homemade banana ice cream and the bottom layer was Nutella ice cream. So a chocolate banana ice cream cake basically. So good! So so good! : )

11 candles into Noah's cake. 

Noah is so lucky. He has the most loyal and caring big brother ever! Knowing their dad couldn't be there during dinner and the birthday cake cutting and singing. Branden jumped right in and took care of business. He lit all Noah's candles. They're so close, these brothers. And he takes his job as big protective brother...very seriously. : ) 
Looking down at his cake...
Branden and I sang...the birthday song...we had a a lot of soul...we grooved out the best rendition of Happy Birthday you ever did hear! We gave it our all! We 3 were cracking up after us 2 were done singing! We sliced up the cake. This cake is bigger than the Baskin Robbins cakes in Japan. We had enough for that night plus we had enough for another night. We each had enough for 2 slices of cake each. Perfect size for us. : )  The very next day. The kids took a day off school. They both get stellar grades so a day off once in a while won't hurt. And we spent from the second Disney opened until it closed at Tokyo Disneyland. It was honestly...such an amazing birthday for Noah! He loved going to Disneyland. And we never leave out either child...regardless whose birthday it is. If it's Bran's birthday, I always tell still get to enjoy the cake and go out to dinner. And same for Noah ...Bran still got to go to Disneyland and go to TGI Fridays. Plus have some delicious cake. So regardless which child's birthday it is...they still get to have fun. Both of them. : ) So we always look forward to birthdays around here...whether it's our birthday or someone else's in our family. : ) Happy 11th Birthday Noah! We love you so much kiddo! : )