Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mikan kakigori at 7-Eleven...

About a day or two after we went to Tokyo Disneyland for Noah's birthday. I was in 7-Eleven grabbing my favorite ice coffee from 7-Eleven. The small is 100 yen and the large is only 200 yen and it's fresh brewed and divine. The cups with ice for that are kept in the ice-cream/shave ice freezer bin. So, when I grabbed my ice coffee plastic cup with ice chunks in that, I happened so take a quick look at all the new flavors of ice-cream or kakigori (shave ice) and I noticed this. I was in a hurry at the time, I was just grabbing myself an ice coffee at the 7-Eleven in my town and heading for my weekly drive to Costco in Chiba New Town (Inzai area) but knowing how much the kids and hubby and I *loved* that mikan shave ice at Disney. I did make a mental note of it and thought to myself. I better go and buy the fam-bam each one of these, when I have more time. I bought one the next day, I bought 4 of them so we could all try. And the whole family really really loved these! 

Just like at Tokyo Disneyland they have mikan slices on top. Not as fresh as the ones at Tokyo Disneyland of course, but honestly these are really REALLY good! I usually favor the lemon ones that look like these. But now I have been going back and forth between the lemon ones and this mikan one. My family has eaten these since then....about 5 times? Perfect in the Japanese summer heat. Mikan shave ice at 7-Eleven, meaning you can pretty much find these all over Japan. Definitely gets the thumbs up from us! Yum. And they're cheap too. : )