Friday, July 01, 2016

Going to the movies and out to lunch with good friends...

Tuesday, June 21st was my movie and lunch date with my girl friends. We usually always hit the first movie of the morning and then we have lunch afterwards. And then we go and pick up our kiddos at their respective schools. However the movie we were set to see. For that particular movie...the first showing of the day was at 2pm. @_@  No worries we just switched stuff around and met at the movies at 11am. We 3 bought our movie tickets first and then we went and had lunch. We went to Saizeriya for lunch. They have a free drink bar there, so that means we can get many drinks and chat after we have eaten or lunch and sit there until our movie was about to start. I snapped this pic before our movie started. We went to see Money Monster with George Clooney, Julia Roberts and directed by the amazing Jodie Foster. My thought on the movie? It was pretty good. Would I buy the DVD or anything? Nope. But it was really good and I'm glad I saw it. Lunch was great, hanging with my 2 most awesome friends. The company of these two is always so fun! And the movie. Long story short it was a very nice day. Oh yes, the movie was to let out at 4:10pm. Noah meanwhile gets out of school at 3:45pm. I would have had to cancel my movie, however as luck would have it, that was a day Noboru just happened to have off. So, he got to spend his day fishing near our house someplace and he did also go and pick up Noah for me that day. And I enjoyed my day at lunch and the movies with my girl friends. : ) I had bought a rotisserie chicken the day before at Costco. And we had a nice rotisserie chicken dinner, with rice and some veggies and a salad, the day I went to my movie with friends.  
I forgot to share a pic of the magazines I brought back from Guam. I brought back 6 magazines. Here are 4. 

See the bottom right hand corner. It says Prince tragedy, his family fights over his fortune. All those leeches who now feel entitled to what Prince earned. Trying to take what was his. What he worked so hard for. So sad. Bunch of vultures. Poor Prince. Miss you Prince. : ( 

This, "His Final Days" article was AMAZING. 

I wanted to see what Kelly Ripa had to say about Michael Strahan's departure from Live. I watch that show, so I was curious to hear both sides of the story. I had heard his side first and I was happy to hear her side too. I like them both a lot. I wish him well and I am curious who her new co-host will be. I watched when Fred Savage was guest co-hosting. That was interesting. : )