Saturday, July 02, 2016

Father's Day...

Did all you American papa's in Japan have a lovely Father's Day this year? Canadian Papa's in Japan too? Etc. : ) I sure hope so! I was wishing all of you a fantastic Father's Day from me over here in Chiba! : ) And I hope all you dad's all over the world had an amazing Father's Day too. And got rightfully spoiled on your special day! How did we spend our Father's Day at our house this year? Well, Noah and Branden decided that since Noah would be in Guam with me earlier that week, Noah had the chance to be able to pick out a really good card for Noboru this year! Noah checked Kmart, he checked 2 grocery stores. He looked high and low. And then he found this one! He loved this card and said this is the one for daddy! 

They had the card signed by both of them and it was sitting on the kitchen table that Sunday when Noboru came downstairs. I also made banana pancakes for breakfast, we had yogurts and a bunch of mixed sliced fresh fruit. And for dinner I made a special dinner here at home, that I know he really likes. : ) As was just spent really low key here at home.
My dad on the other hand. I made sure to buy him the big pack of the limited edition choco mint Kit Kats. A pack of soft cream/icecream Pocky. And a box of Coconut Pocky. My dad loves coconut as do I. So, I knew he would enjoy these little snacks and Noah and I brought these to Guam with us to give to grandpa. 
I also took my dad out to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant on Guam, Vitale's for a Father's Day dinner even though it was a few days early. Because he's my dad. Because I absolutely adore my dad. I speak to my dad every single day. We are so close. He's truly one of my best friends. I hope my dad is around forever and ever because I would be absolutely crushed without my dad. I think he is like one of the best dad's in the world. I love you dad!!! : )

So anyways, those are the low key ways me and my family spent Father's Day this year. : )