Sunday, July 10, 2016

Decluttering the area under my kitchen sink...

A couple weeks ago, I decided to declutter the area under my sink. However, I had to quickly wipe off my counter area first because it was a real mess. Pictured here. 

We have coasters here at the house but clearly nobody uses them. Why family why! : ) Water ring from a cup. Blech.

Couple grains of rice from the night before. Yuck! And yes, I bleach my counter tops and wipe them down daily. Why? Because it takes literally just a second or minute. And because it's gross if you don't do it daily. Clearly I should have done mine the night before but oh well.

I always set my kitchen timer regardless whatever it is or which room downstairs I am cleaning. I set it for 1 hour. Because it should at "least" get 1 solid good hour. However, I always go way over that and this day was no different, in truth I spent about 3 hours that day in my kitchen. But this helps my mind set. Because at least bare minimum, I know the room whatever room it is for that day, will at least bare minimum... get 1 thorough hour of deep cleaning. And now I am repeating myself. But yes, most times I go way over that time. I do crank on the tunes in the kitchen. Just helps listening to some tunes while cleaning. 

Bleach all of them! I love bleach. I just do. My mom always used bleach when I was a kid. She always had the biggest bottle of Clorox around and bleached everything. And as an adult, I have always used bleach too. It disinfects. I love it. The spray bleach, I love and it's a generic store brand. It's 98 yen, I buy the refills. And the big one, I use for bleaching my sink. Toilets. You name it. I also use the spray one on my toilets too. 

Spraying the bleach on the counters. And then wiping down with a super hot sponge.

A cup of bleach and a hot sink of hot water and I let it soak for 30 minutes. I do this to my sink about twice a week. Just keeps it clean.

Now, I just sat on the kitchen floor and got to organizing my under the sink area. I also want to point out, I did my organizing on the cheap! All these green plastic containers came from the Daiso. 100 yen store. Here I was organizing the toilet cleaning supplies... container, that way when I clean my toilets, I can grab whatever I need in 1 spot. American Scrubbing Bubbles and Japanese Scrubbing Bubbles stuff. : )  Toilet tabs and fresheners.

And toilet deodorizers. And yes, I did peel that Color Life sticker off. LOL.

Kirkland antibacterial wet wipes. Super cheap from Costco here in Japan. Makes wiping down my upstairs sink area a breeze. Or wiping down my toilet seats every other day. Door handles. Just takes a minute to wipe something down.

I do have an American dishwasher. I don't need fancy. But, I certainly do need useful and functional! And an American one just does it for me. So why the dish soap for a sink then? Well because I do wash by hand... a pizza pan here or there. You know that type of stuff. This is the American Brand Proctor and Gamble that I grew up with. See the P&G logo at the bottom right hand corner? This is my fave in Japan. It works. And this scent I lovelovelove! It's green tea scented. It smells so good. It honestly smells like a face wash. LOL. I'm serious. And this was 500 yen at my nearest Cainz store. Think along the lines of a Walmart type a store. Except we do have a Walmart in Japan and it's called Seiyu and owned by Walmart. I have mentioned that before on my blog when I was mentioning the Reese's Peanut Butter cups being for sale there. But seriously 500 yen for 2 huge bottles of green tea scented dish soap and a tiny normal sized one. A fantastic deal. 

And because it is by P&G it is antibacterial and all the good things me... as an American housewife looks for.

Dishwasher powder and refill for that and the green tea scented Joy. 

And an extra dish sponge. That way all dish cleaning stuff is all together. 

Kitchen cleaners. 
In one container. Again just makes stuff easier for me to find and I like things organized. Versus crazy and just all thrown under the sink.

Misc stuff. Orange clean. Pledge for dusting. Mighty Duck (quack quack) that extra spray bleach. Again it doesn't have to be perfect. But this way at least things are organized under there. 

This also came from the Daiso. And I put even more random stuff in here used less frequently. That will go way in the back of the sink. There is no need to buy a container from a DIY store where it could be 400-500 yen per container, when you can get just as good, if not better from the Daiso for a dollar!

Carpet cleaner for my rug washer. Yep I did lug a rug washer full size from Target all the way to Japan with me. Hahaha. I use it twice a year for the upstairs carpets. 

And the all done... finished pic! It doesn't take a whole lot of money to be organized. There are only 5 green containers here, so about 500 yen plus tax. And the 1 white container at the back right. So 600 yen total plus tax. That is super cheap. And this is going to sound super corny to say this. But walking into my kitchen for example. And the food pantry is all nicely organized, the dishes cabinet is organized too. I will be redoing the obento box/lunch box row though during summer break. And with the under the kitchen sink in order. Walking into the kitchen feels really light. When your house is in order there is this calmness. Serenity almost. Yes that sounds total cheeseball. But it's true. And same for both the boys bedrooms being all nicely organized too. I also did my upstairs sink area too. And in the book I read...Marie Kondo too spoke organized house bringing such peace. Again...sounds weird. but...I totally get what she an organized house bringing peace. At the end of the night... after dinner is done and kitchen has been wiped up. And showers have been taken. I sit in my living room on my couch, in my nightgown/sleep tee with freshly washed hair. Lazing about on my couch, channel surfing or watching a good show. Because well...I earned it. I kicked butt all day long and now can reap the rewards and just chill. But she said in her book... the feeling of an organized house is peace. I feel really calm being at home. I really enjoy spending time at my home too. And I know the rest of my family feels the same way too. Anyway some of you will "get it" and some of you won't and that's okay. : ) Anyways...just a random day from a few weeks back. Nothing major life shattering or anything... just decluttering here and there and loving the feeling. : )  Oh and that gray thing behind the green baskets? If you are American you will recognize it immediately and know that's my American garbage disposal. I loved having a garbage disposal growing up. And when we first moved to Japan. Our house rental had a very deep basket that held all gross bits dropped into a sink and it stunk and needed to be cleaned all the time. If you live in Japan you'll know that long metal silver basket that holds gross stuff in a Japanese sink. Blech. It's disgusting. My husband hated that thing too, so when we built our home we knew an American garbage disposal was just a necessity. So we're so glad to have it. : )