Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chili update...

Hi you guys! I sure hope everyone has been having an amazing and awesome summer! We sure have here! : ) Yesterday we went to the beach. It was gray overcast but no rain. It was so fun you guys. We brought a picnic lunch with us and everything. And yes we will be heading to the US for summer break/vacation... as always. It's just this year. We couldn't go at the end of July like we usually do. Because we had a high school to visit. And 2 parent teacher conferences to do. So we will go later and Noboru already got his vacation days off and everything for that. But yep. Just been chilling out over here. Enjoying summer break. And I do have about 6 posts to get up and posted. But for now this one will have to do. It's just a chili update. We have gotten 2 chili harvests so far actually. And I have had 1 friend, plus my dad email me asking if we got any chili as of yet. And we have. So, I thought this would be a perfect short little update for now. Until I can get something a little bit more substantial up. So chili update. Right now. : ) In this pic you see some pretty good looking jalapenos. Many were full size and some not quite full size. : ) 

These were the Big Jim's. And again some full size and ready and some tinier and almost ready...but not quite there yet. : ) But many chili's on 1 plant.

Our first harvest of all the plants. Yielded just this 1 bowl full of various assortment of chili. Big Jim, Hatch's and jalapeno. Our first harvest was taken on July 19th. 

This was our 2nd harvest and was harvested this morning. July 27th. So we are now at the point where we are harvesting this amount once a week. Our second harvest was twice the size as you can tell by this picture versus the picture up above and the amount of chili from the first batch. All chili have since been roasted, peeled and put into freezer bags and put inside the freezer. If we keep getting this amount once a week, our freezer will have a nice amount of roasted chili for Fall and Winter. Anyway that's enough for now. I have a pot roast in the oven. A pot of potatoes boiling away. We'll be having pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans for dinner tonight. Have a great night you guys. : )