Saturday, July 09, 2016

Chili update...

Hi you guys! This last week has been pretty awesome. We made scarecrows at the school, of course you know that already. Had a backyard BBQ, you know that too. We went to Tokyo Disneyland on Thursday. We went to TGI Friday's. School is winding down for the kids... their last day is like July 20th or the 21st. We are currently deciding which day we will be going to Ikspiari to go and see Finding Dory in English (we are not going the first week it opens though, too crowded). We're going in July that's for sure! And this coming Wednesday I have a movie date with my girl friends yet again! So...many fun things happening around here. Which is why my blog went a tad quiet for a few days. This weekend has been nice. Quiet and just restful. Tonight, I am making a really good Sunday dinner here at home. We're going to be having American style fried chicken, mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, corn on the cob. A simple classic chicken dinner! Oh, I'm also making Pillsbury crescent rolls. Yum! : ) I could have blogged yesterday but...I instead enjoyed my Saturday Law and Order SVU marathon. Hahaha. However today...I managed to get photos for 3 posts already up. They're not visible to you all yet... but they are already on here. So, I do know, I have 3 posts that can easily go up. So that's 3 days worth so far. This post right now, being one of the 3. The scarecrow pics will go up, but...those will have to be edited because name of school and Father's Club is on there, blah blah blah. Which is a pain in the batooty to fuzz names out. So...I'll get the scarecrow post up...but after the 3 posts...that need no editing or blurring of names out. Phew that was the longest paragraph on the face of the planet. But just want to keep ya'll in the loop here too. So anyways here is a delayed update of the chili's. They are way way bigger now.
And a close up pic of a chili a few weeks back. These are way way longer and bigger now.