Sunday, July 03, 2016

Backyard BBQ fun!!!

First and foremost, Happy 4th my fellow Americans!!! I hope your American Independence Day is awesome! This is just going to be a super short 2 pic post! As you could tell by the Kingsford charcoal we picked up at Costco last week, we are in full blown BBQ mode now. We had a quiet little backyard BBQ last week. These are the pics from last Wednesday's backyard BBQ, June 29th. 

We BBQ often, weekly in fact so we don't make them a great big ol' huge 5 course meal type affair, if you know what I mean. We make them simple, yet yummy and filling. We had 6 chargrilled cheeseburgers. Yes, I only see 4 in this pic however, Noboru was at the green counter throwing jalapenos and various toppings on his 2 burgers when I snapped this. We had chicken and veggie skewers/kebabs for everyone. We had 6 chargrilled cheeseburgers for the guys in the family. We had corn on the cob, baked potatoes, you can see the kids potatoes on their plates. And we had salads.

I will post how we spent our actual July 4th in a few days. It will be delayed. But that's okay. I know you guys don't mind. : ) What is today's plan? Well the boys are at school. Bran at the local JHS/middle school. Noah is at our local elementary school. And Noboru and I will be going to Noah's school today around 12 noon. Because today is "scarecrow making day" for the one and only 5th grade class! And yes we will be BBQ-ing tonight for the 4th! What will be we having tonight? Pretty much the same stuff you see in this picture. : ) We have 6 lean ground beef burgers from Costco in the fridge defrosting as we speak. And we will be having chicken and veggie skewers too. And not sure which way we'll swing tonight...baked potatoes or rice. I'm sorta feeling like rice right now so maybe we'll have rice. We'll see. I was thinking about buying some 4th of July type of dessert from Costco today. I thought how cool that would be! A red, white and blue treat! Yumm. But clearly...I must have had a brain fart because duh...I can't go to Costco today, I have to be at the elementary school today! Go figure. So, I doubt a red, white and blue treat will be in our future tonight. Which is fine. No worries. It is... what it is. I am looking forward to spending the afternoon with my fabulous 10 year old making a scarecrow. And then coming home and awaiting my 14 year old to come cruising home on his bike, so Noboru can fire up the grill and we can start that BBQ. Noboru is off today too. : )  Anyway, I better go jump in the shower now and get ready for some scarecrow making fun! : )