Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

Americans BBQ a lot in Summer. When I was growing up, in the summer time I'd say we BBQ-ed about 2 times a week at least. Honestly sometimes as much as 4 times a week, when I was growing up. We'd make a huge amount of potato salad, macaroni salad and a pint of an Italian pasta salad with black olives and cheese, type thing at the start of the week. Chips were *always* "buy one get one free" growing up, right? So we'd always have sour cream and onion or BBQ flavor or salt regular chips, that sort of thing at the house. Watermelons we'd buy a huge one and slices would be on a platter all week long in the fridge. We'd think nothing of throwing a T- bone steak on the grill right quick to go with our side dishes. Or a couple cheeseburgers. Grilled hot dogs. Italian sausage sandwiches with peppers on top with melted mozzarella on top omg! We'd have 3-4 types of various salads like I said plus regular garden salads. Veggies and corn on the cob, when I was growing up corn was 10 ears for a dollar. Then it went to 5 corn for a dollar by the time I was in college and I have no idea how much they are now days over there. : )  So good and yummy though. So, when we moved to Japan. And we bought our land and house. We knew we'd buy a house with a big backyard. Not a side yard or bigger front yard where all neighbors could drive by and see you eating, which is so weird. @_@ Nope, we wanted a true backyard, so we could do backyard things. Like eat supper or BBQ in privacy without neighbors watching. Since we have lived in our house. 10 years, we BBQ a lot every summer here too. Not as often as I did growing up in the USA. But I'd say we definitely make a point of bbq-ing once a week all summer long. Anyway today's throwback comes from June 2011. We were having ribs and baked well technically roasted potatoes and roasted corn on the cob. We had enough ribs leftover for lunch the next day too. : ) 
My innocent gorgeous yochien aged Noah from that time. Enjoying his ribs and roasted hot and buttery potato and fresh roasted corn on the cob. They were doing a fun game at yochien (kindergarten) and they had all made weather images that they crayoned and colored. They had a sunny one, a rainy one, a cloudy one, etc. For that whole week. Whatever the weather was that day, Noah would wear the appropriate headband with weather pic attached to it. Hahaha. So that's what he was wearing during our family backyard BBQ that night. : ) 

Update from right now. How are things here? Things here are fantastic! We BBQ-ed last night. We had cheeseburgers and grilled chicken veggie kebabs/skewers. Roasted baked potatoes, corn on the cob, salad. It was just a nice quiet low key dinner here at our house last night.  

Noah has been swimming 3 times a week at elementary school every week all June and will continue until school ends in July. Bran has been swimming at his JHS weekly too. We're going to Noah's school next week to make scarecrows. Fun! : ) Anything else to add? I've been watching good TV in the evenings. I hardcore cleaned Branden's closet! I also rearranged under my kitchen sink lately too. Like spent a couple hours doing that. So pretty intense with the closet and under the sink but am super proud because they look amazing now. And other than that. Just enjoying life. The weather has been beautiful here lately...all nice and breezy but shorts weather for sures. I've got potatoes in a huge deep pan/stock pot on the stove as we speak. I'm making potato salad. We're having chicken cutlet for dinner tonight, corn on the cob again yes but it's so cheap in price and sweet and delicious that we eat it often. Homemade potato salad, rice. And we still have salad from Costco still, so we'll be having some garden salad on top of that. So chicken cutlet, corn on the cob, potato salad from scratch and a garden salad. Anyway ya'll I better end this here. Go and drain the potatoes and get everything all prepped up and ready. Noah gets off at 3pm today, so I'll go and get him around 2:40pm and bring my stack of magazines and read while I wait. : )