Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

June 2010! Noah was 4 years old. About to turn 5 the following month. And as you can see my happy smiling 4 year old walking up a hill. Wearing his summer kindergarten uniform, it switches from winter uniform to Summer uniform June 1st always. : )  Noah had just gotten out of yochien for the day. And we had to quickly make ourselves to Branden's elementary school for Observation Day. The 3 of us showed up to support and cheer on Branden that day! : ) Let's go Noah! : ) 

All kids had their clay/play dough type things they made on display outside of their classroom. This was BrannyB's. I really liked this a whole lot! This reminded me of a person who had fallen into a volcano? Or maybe like..remember that movie The Ring/Ringu. Like a person is emerging from the water well from that movie or something. Yes, I have a very active imagination. Bran's sculpture reminded me of a whole bunch of stuff! So yep...I totally dug this a whole lot! Very cool! : ) 

My little shy one, taking a peek into his brother's classroom but also staying quite close to daddy. And yes we forgot Noah's inside shoes at the yochien. It happens folks. I'm human. I'm most certainly NOT perfect. And when you are trying to get yourself from school A to school B. By a certain time...well you happens. And that's okay. : )

We barely had time to get to Bran's school by the time we were supposed to. So, there was no time for Noah to switch clothes. But that's okay, there were 2 other little yochien aged kiddos in there visiting too and 2 from hoikuen. From different yochien's mind you. So the other kids coming from other yochiens were in their uniforms too. The hoikuen kiddos were in normal clothes. That's totally fine. And yep all the younger brothers and sisters are all in Noah's class now. The 4 or 5 kids younger siblings visiting that day... same as Noah was...are all the same age and in the same class as Noah is now. : ) And they're all super good friends. "Ready to enter Bran's class, my little cutie pie?" Let's go! : )  

That super genki zipping around... flash of orange was a 3rd grade Branden!

Don't let the ball drop! Hahaha! Us parents had fun getting to watch the kids running all over in teams/sets of 2....  trying not to drop these balls. Noah was laughing! We 3 really enjoyed observing Branden's class that day! : ) 

Go kids go! : )