Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

This weeks TBT should be really fun to look through because it is from 4 random days from back in the day! Just little snippets of our lives pulled from 4 days. However all of these come from June (since it's June right now) but these come from June 2008. : ) Noah was not quite 3 yet, almost but he was still technically 2. But he was very good at the movies, he was always super quiet. They knew it was a special fun treat, so they were always really well behaved at the movies. Bran was 6 and wouldn't be 7 until the end of October, so as of when this pic was snapped, Noah was age 2 and Bran was 6. We went to the movie to see the newest at the time, Indiana Jones movie. 

We bought sodas and popcorn. Of course I had hidden chocolate bars in my bag, for us to enjoy during the movie. Same as most people usually do. : )

Bran looking at the flier for the newest Pokemon movie. And a smiling super happy Noah.

Another random set of pics from our lives from back in June 2008. I made cheeseburgers at home with that lean ground beef from Costco. And I had all sorts of topping for our burgers. Crispy American bacon, slices of onion, tomatoes from our garden. Guacamole, crisp lettuce. We were ready for a fun create your own burger night at home!

I roasted up some baked potato wedges in the oven. 

Everyone topped theirs with what they each wanted. It was fun.

Hmm, we should have burger night again soon! : )

Another 1 pic of a throwback. The boys checking out the zucchini plant that year. We also had a teeny tiny zucchini plant that was a runt, you can see him right behind/underneath Bran's shirt. He's very tiny, but we watered him and we hoped he would grow and thrive. And you know what, he did! : ) He might have been a tad smaller at the end of summer but he grew normal size and made a lot of delicious zucchini for us that year. Yep that year we had 1 bigger/normal size zucchini plant and the other smaller one, he tried and tried and he grew and almost caught up to the plant on the left. : ) 

And the last set of pics. This is the 4th and last. We took the boys to Gap Kids in Inzai. To get a few extra summer clothes for them. I love that when they were little they'd happily skip everywhere! They truly skipped EVERYWHERE. And I do mean everywhere. : ) That always put a smile on my face. That childlike innocence of youth. 

And now exiting the mall. Bran holding the Gap bag which held things for both Bran and Noah. It was a good day that day! : ) I am so glad I took pictures nearly every single day of their childhood, even the mundane day to day stuff. In fact I snapped some pics of them last night even. These memories are so fun for us to go back and look through. : ) Anyway that's today's TBT. Short and sweet. : )

Anything new to add? I have a hair appointment tomorrow, June 10th. It's going to be a long day at the hair salon, but that's okay it'll be worth it in the end when it's done. I'm getting, that Japanese thermal hair straightening. A hair cut and a hair color. But, the bright side is the hair straightening will at least be done for 3-4 months or so now. So I won't have to think about that part for the rest of summer now.

Anything else? Rainy season started for us in Chiba a couple days ago. Today it is raining and rain should be happening in my town all day today and stop around 7pm tonight. I like the rainy season. Because I like how green it turns the grass and how green it makes things in general. Also that means little frogs will be out and about more. Oh yes that reminds me. That little frog who moved to my front porch is still there. He is so cute and he doesn't bother anyone. I have told the kids not to bother him and they haven't. He lives way up high on one of the porch banisters. And he stays real still and sleeps a lot. I see him while I am knocking down cobwebs with my porch broom but I will not bother him or even put my broom near him. Like I said, he's cute and he doesn't bother a soul. So for as long as he'd like to, he's more than welcome to live on my front porch. : ) This is just a thought, I have had the past few days. A great big spider wouldn't catch him and take him away right? We do have very big spiders in Japan. Well, I guess depending how big the spider was, but in a way...I don't think so. Unless he was super super big. A cat might... but he's really in a good hiding spot so I think he's safe. I hope a crow or something doesn't spot him and drag him away. Hmmm. : ) Anyways for now the little frog is still there and has been for way over a month. : )

Any other last tidbits. My 2 girl friends and I were Line messaging last night in our private group that we made for us.... anyway we have decided to go to another movie. We will go and see Money Monster with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. Directed by Jodie Foster. Even though it's been out in the US for a while, it is just going to be released June 10th (tomorrow) for us in Japan, we'll have to pick a time and date. It should be fun going out again soon. : )

Oh one last thing. Noah has an over night 5th grade trip coming up soon-ish. More on that later. : )