Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Throwback Thursday. Family Vacation Honolulu, Hawaii 2013...

Since it is June, I thought this weeks TBT could come from our family vacation we took also in June, just a few years ago. We usually take a family vacation every summer and it's usually to Hawaii. This was the year 2013 and our family once again hit the island of Oahu for some much needed rest and relaxation and some family fun. And this time was super nice, because my mom flew from California to spend the week with us in Honolulu. Back to the pic. Just about to head from Japan to Honolulu. The seats in first class to Honolulu are these really big slanted type seat configuration. The window seats... just have 1 huge seat and it is slanted. The seats fold all the way down to beds or comfy recliners. They're so comfy. And a huge screen for watching on demand movies and a nice side table with reading light and plugs to charge tablets and stuff. Of course we book ended the boys. Noboru was in the first seat, then B, then Noah and I was last. That way we always kept a watchful eye on the kids. : ) 

Enjoy your flight kids. And I will do the same. And I'll also be keeping my eyes on you guys. : ) 

Dessert cart. Yum! After a full course meal. They wheeled the dessert cart around. There are a few desserts to choose from and also a huge cheese and fruit platter.

I picked a strawberry sundae and watched Oz the Great and Powerful. And a whole bunch of other movies too. 

We spent many many days at the beach. Fave beach? Kailua! : ) Noah and also Bran boogie boarded. I did too. My mom enjoyed the beach a ton and so did Noboru. 

We always bring a lunch and plenty of drinks with us. And a whole lot of sunscreen.

What lucky kids! The luckiest! : )

My mom doted on both Bran and Noah most of the days and in between eating her salad, she also found time to sit and drink her Perrier and read her book of the month. That time it was Fifty Shades of  Freed. Those are her reading glasses. 

Summer vacations are for eating meals slowly. Creating lots of fun memories. Eating, talking and laughing! And enjoying some very fluffy blueberry pancakes, crunchy bacon, eggs and hashbrowns and sipping good ol' American coffee!

Going to touristy places...because you can! : ) And it's fun! : )

Because grandma gave each of you a disposable camera and told you 2 to takes lots of pictures from your vacation. And you both did. And there is Noah taking a picture of his lunch that he was just about to eat! I love this! : ) 

With hat...

Without hat and both wearing their new shark tooth necklaces...

Dole Whip pineapple deliciousness!

Anyway that's today's TBT from 2013! : )