Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Throwback Thursday. Country kids having fun looking for some crawdads...

This week's TBT takes us back to June 2008. And our family was spending some fun time... with the boys collecting some crawdads (which are called zarigani, in Japanese) Collecting crawdads, frogs and various creatures is quite popular for country/rural kids in Japan. However our family rule is, we only let them stay for 1 night at our house and then we return them right back to nature. Because #1...we don't want a pet or the obligation of taking care of one full time, forever and ever and ever til the end of time. Also... the little crawdad could have a little crawdad family and we don't want to just "abduct" a little I said he could have a crawdad family, a crawdad wife or  some crawdad kids or friends, who knows. Plus hey...they do have a right to live their lives too. Right? On the other hand... again it's quite a popular thing to do here in the countryside. And we don't want to deprive our country kids their childhood either. So...a fair family rule was well established years years years ago... that they could stay 1 overnight and then we'd set them free back into the "wild" so to speak. So...what were we doing this day? We were collecting some crawdads to spend the night at our house on our front porch. See the cows on the right behind Noboru? Well, except for the 2 housing communities in our town. Which we happen to live in one of those. There are farms everywhere else...all over our tiny town. Dairy cows are everywhere! There are tons of "moo moo cow" farms around here. Quite a few places to buy farm fresh eggs. Vegetable stands with honor boxes (meaning nobody working said veggie stand so they trust you...on your honor you'll pay for whatever veggies are available that day) Cows chewing on cud. Bamboo forests all over the place. And our town also has a goat. I have mentioned that goat on here before. First time... I saw that goat I was driving to the plaza to pick up Branden and I saw an elderly man walking with an enormously tall (for a dog) dog....and I thought what an ugly dog! As I got and drove closer, I thought...holy crap...that's no dog, that's a goat! I picked up Bran, Noah was with me and saw the goat already, told Bran get inside the car... hurry hurry, there's a man with a goat. He wanted to see, so he hopped in the car and sure enough they both saw the goat too. I have since seen him a billion times. So the shock value has worn off. But yep...our town also has a man with a pet goat. This goat is more like his dog. Meaning he goes for daily walks etc. He is white and fluffy and well taken care of. It's quite cool actually. : ) Also sorry one more story...did I ever tell you the time...I was driving passed the dairy cows... and since my kids were teeny tiny I have always called them "moo moo cows" I would say...hello moo moo cows. And my kids would wave and say "hi moo moo cows" time I told the boys as I was driving Branden to Kumon, he was real little like about 2008. And Noah was too little for Kumon at that time. But anyways...they were the age of today's TBT. So anyways, as my 2 were in the car and I was driving passed the dairy cows...the boys were already waving..."hi moo moo cows" Anyway I said in passing all nonchalant like..."do you know if you give a cow lots of chocolate bars, the next day all her milk will be chocolate milk!" ...Both Branden and Noah being really little and innocent... and believed me..and went..."really?" I said really and truly! For a full month every time we passed those cows, my boys would tell me..."please mommy... let's buy lots of chocolate and give it to those cows mommy" ...they really truly believed that. Until I tucked them each in bed one night and told them was a "tall tale" and not really true. They still remember me telling them that! Even now. Cows that make chocolate milk. @_@ Hahaha.  

Ready to catch some crawdads Noah? You look ready! I'm ready too! I had my rain boots on too.If you live in rural Japan... it's a given... you will more than likely have rain boots. I have a really cute pale blue pair with red cherries all over them and red trim, that I bought at Target. And a nicer pair of black rain boots with white polka dots on them that I wear to Tokyo Disney if it rains or when we went and pulled sweet potatoes with the yochien (they were cheap/affordable just like 3000 yen, US$30 and I bought them in Japan years ago but they're really pretty... very chic looking... just basic black with white polka dots.) But yep, living in the countryside you'll usually own at least 1 pair of rainboots. Noah was wearing his dinosaur rain boots. Branden wore Osh Kosh rain boots.  

Ready for some country country kids!

These nets are available at the Daiso, 100 yen store. So a cheap activity to do with your kiddos. 

Our housing community way way in the background. My town sure has rice fields for days huh? Hahaha. I absolutely love living in the town that we picked. It's a slow paced way of living and I like that. There's no BS people like..."look how fancy we are" none of that crap here in the countryside. It's common to see many mom's picking up their kids at the plaza wearing aprons. It's common to see many white flatbed K trucks. picking up grandkids. There are at least 3 farmer K trucks I see on a daily basis picking up classmates of Noah's. People wearing rainboots about town. Won't even raise an eyebrow in my town. Kind people. Hard working folks. Fresh clean air. Fresh veggies, fresh super sweet fruit, farm fresh eggs and farm fresh milk for days. Seriously for days. 

Father and son on the look out for some crawdads! Meanwhile...

Mommy and Noah were also on the hunt for some crawdad's too! : ) Yep, I get down and dirty right into the water too! I'm no princess! I'm a country mama after all! Dirt under my fingernails, splashing and catching some crawdad... type of a mommy. Good mommy. Fun mommy! : ) 

Looks like the river was deeper than we thought and looks like Noah's pants got wet by the river. No worries, we have a washer and also we have a dryer at home. And yep, I tossed everyone's clothes right into the washer, after we walked home. And Noboru jumped in the shower with the boys and washed them both right up. I went last. Because if they go first... they could get 3 people clean in 1 go. : ) 

Awesome...both Branden and Noah looking at the crawdad's we were to bring home to spend the night. The kids watched and observed and learned many things by watching them. The next day we returned them right back to nature. 

Bye crawdads! Thanks for staying the night! They went safely back into the same water/canal/ river, to enjoy their summer, just a bit at the start of the same river not too far from where we picked them up.