Saturday, June 04, 2016

The New Mexico Big Jim Chili's have arrived...

At long last the chili we ordered over a month ago have arrived! Totally worth the wait for sure. There is this Japanese farming family who sells and grows over like 100 plus... types of varieties of chili from all over the world. Thai chili. Chili from Mexico. And all sorts of different chili from the USA. The prices for them are quite affordable. And we ordered from him last year. And have ordered from him this year as well. The chili called Big Jim originates from New Mexico, these are wildly popular in Colorado too. They grow to about 10-12 inches long. Which is gigantic in size hence the name...Big Jim. These will be great used in chili rellenos. : )  When ordering these, he said they were too tiny at that time and to wait about a month... and we said absolutely no problem. They then sold out, lucky for us he sold out *after*.... we placed our order. Phew. Again we only need 10 plants, we're not like professional farmers or anything. Just growing as much as our 1 family will use and need. : ) We will be roasting them and freezing them. This is what they looked like when they arrived.

Hi 10 Big Jim's. Well they're not big yet. LOL. Baby Big Jim's. : ) Seedlings. But they will be. Update? The jalapenos snapped out of their funk so thankful about that and have been on the mend. They were transplanted to soil as I said in my last jalapeno update. And these Big Jim's have been transplanted into soil already as well, in fact they look a bit bigger than this picture. I will be keeping you all updated with pictures with how their growing as things progress. So in a nutshell. The jalapenos are doing A-okay. And the Big Jim's are doing okay too. They're all in our backyard thriving in the sunshine and getting watered daily. : ) 

It's been warmer here lately. Not Japanese middle of summer type sauna weather. But definitely the days are like in the 70's. The nights are still cool (not cold). The day time around where we live still has a nice cool breeze. Which in middle of summer there is no cool breeze at all. LOL. So the weather right now for me is the best...most ideal. Warm but nice and breezy too. Mosquitoes are starting to be in season. At most stores now here in Japan... you see anti-mosquito sprays and coils, like what is pictured right here at my front door step. There are mosquitoes about here and there. However not in droves or anything. I think because our housing community is elevated from the rice field. We're pretty high from the water level. Yeah sure a few here and there. But nothing compared to... if our house was at water level of a rice field. However...we do keep this coil burning every day. Usually around 3pm-ish we'll light it. It burns nice and slow and the smell of the original one, is the scent I love the most. They do have newer scents like misc. different types of flowers and stuff but I prefer the original scent. It reminds me of ..."Japanese summer" and I love that smell. : ) It does keep 98-99% of all mosquitoes at bay from hanging around our front porch. On weekends if we are home, I will light it in the morning around 8am-or so because I know Noah's friends will be by to ride bikes and or their RipStik's or to go play tennis (Noah has been playing a lot of tennis lately and has his own racket, so does Branden, sicne our housing community has really nice tennis courts) so I keep one lit all day that way no mosquitoes will be near our front yard while Noah or his friends come by. : ) And of course we'll light a new coil in the evening if the morning coil ends. If you buy one like in the picture... can you get a ton of coils inside and these are pretty cheap to buy and repurchase. : ) I am pretty sure most households in Japan use these. : )

Anyway it's Saturday here in Japan! It's baked chicken parmesan on top of that homemade pasta from Costco for our dinner tonight. We'll have salads and garlic bread too. Last weekend we were so busy with school and housing community obligation stuff. Last weekend was crazy! @_@ It felt like an almost "no weekend type of weekend" last weekend. But this weekend is nice...just hanging at home. Relaxing. It's nice to have a nice leisurely weekend doing nothing. Especially considering last weekend was so crazy busy. : ) Anyway, off to bake a batch of brownies with Noah right now. Bran is studying his ever loving brains out in the kitchen... but he's about to call it a day soon. Anyway have a great weekend everyone. : )