Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sneaker shopping for Noah. And shopping at GU for both the kids...

We have still been getting both the kids ready for Summer. Clothes-wise here and there. And Noah had 2 pair of  sneakers, he had been using. Here in Japan at elementary school you *have* to wear sneakers. No flip flops or you know... slide on Vans type of shoe. They need to be regular sneakers. Why? I have no idea, but it's a school rule. : ) Anyway, Noah needed a new larger size. So we went and bought Noah a new pair in size 23cm. 

Asics is a good brand... popular both here in Japan and in America. Name brand, really good shoe. And this is the same brand Noah wore the last time too. 

In Japan they have/sell shoes with velcro straps for kids. Because kids have to take their shoes off and on, at school a bunch of times in a 1 day since they can't wear these shoes inside the school building and have to wear special inside shoes. So they must switch back and forth between inside shoes and outside shoes tons of times daily. So in Japan velcro is simply easier. Meanwhile in America, kids put their shoes on once in the morning and they stay on all day long... unless you need to retie your shoe. So much easier there. However, Noah being in the 5th grade now... asked to get sneakers with laces this time. Fair enough. This was about the age Bran switched to laces too. So, we said no problem. And so he got a pair of Asics with laces. Bright green laces at that. Cool. : ) 

GU is a sister store of Uniqlo. And they have really cute stuff at GU. If you're in Japan you really  may want to pay GU a visit for affordable cute clothes! We love everything and anything America of course. So we picked up this cool Marvel Captain American T-shirt for Noah to wear to school. Or wear anywhere. : ) It came in white and blue too, but I thought the black looked richer and it just looked nicer in black. 

Only 690 yen. About US $6! GU's prices are so amazing. And considering kids grow so fast! This is such a fantastic store! We bought this in size 150cm for Noah. 

Shorts for Noah for 990 yen. Size 150cm. This is the largest size they have for kids. 

A very nice basic color, to wear to school or out and about.

Socks for Bran, these are "dry" (see it says GU dry) to keep your feet dry and are antibacterial.

In cool funky zany colors. These are super low socks you can't even see them... when he wears his slip on shoes. 

We bought Bran 3 pair of undies and the super low socks are on the left of this picture. 

We also bought Noah some socks too. 3 pair for 290 yen. That is super cheap for kids socks. A great deal. 

At that price we bought Noah 9 new pair of socks, 3 packs. 

Bran really wanted the red pair of polka dot undies, and I happened to be in Narita the next day. We bought our stuff in Inzai. Anyways since I was in Narita city the next day, I just popped in to see if they had Bran's pair of undies the other location/store was out of. And sure enough they had 1 last pair and I snatched the last pair up for BrannyMcB. And I also grabbed a pack of undies from GU for Noah. Because I know how he likes that bright aqua blue color. 

I also threw in a new pair of house shorts for Noboru in my basket. 

And some basic socks for Ru too. Because I know he doesn't like colorful short socks. Hahaha. : ) Anyway that's enough for now. Just little by little... bit by bit, again...we are getting there ya'll. Summer ready soon. : )