Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Now that the weather is warming up snakes seem to be coming out here and there. Two snakes have been spotted so far this year! This being snake #2. The first snake apparently appeared the day Noah and I were in Guam and Bran was at school, Noboru had the day off work that day and as he was apparently doing some yard work, he saw the first one of the season. I don't like snakes at all. I'm sorry. I know some of ya'll might think they're cute. But as for me. I hate snakes. I am afraid of them. Their scales, their forked tongues and not to mention their scary snake eyes. Blech. So glad I missed snake #1. Now snake 2, appeared one day while I was cleaning the kitchen in the morning (the day Noah was on his camping trip). Noboru was once again doing yard work in the backyard enjoying his day off. He finds yard work relaxing. Anyways. He tapped on the kitchen back patio sliding door. And he quickly said..."look snake!!!" Sure enough this snake was snaking his body traveling from the empty lot next door trying to slither himself into our backyard! @_@ Noboru might have been raised in Osaka city. But he's *loving* this rural country life and he's not afraid of snakes one bit. So, he calmly grabbed a broom and shooed him back into the lot. That worked for about 2 minutes. The snake started heading down towards the steep slope and towards the rice fields. Until he clearly had a change of mind. So he slithered his little snake body right back up the vacant lot and started once again slithering his body into our backyard again. @_@ Why snake why??? Do you have any idea how afraid of you that I am? It shivers me timbers just thinking about it! @_@ Also it would be fair to tell you now.... that I was squealing and shouting through the closed sliding glass...."ahhh ahh don't let him in our yard ahhh ahhh!!!" So, I'm bugging in the house. Like a total nerd! And I'm not even in any danger. Noboru just keeps sweeping him back into the vacant lot next door. Meanwhile the snake... is by now determined to come into our yard once and for all. So you can clearly see, between Noboru and the snake they were clearly at a virtual stand still so to speak. Noboru would sweep once with his "Witchy-Poo- Kiki's Delivery Service" type broom and the snake... yes would slide back into the field next door for a millisecond meanwhile after that, he then make a break for it again and each time he was getting closer and closer to our front yard. So they would inch forward each time Noboru would sweep, The snake would relent for a second. Snakey was bound and determined to enter our yard and that's frankly all there was to it. Finally they reached the front of our house and there was the snake. You can see in this picture the street grate. A pinch of Noboru's scooter mirror. And some grass. For a good solid 7 minutes...they went back and forth. Man VS snake! Noboru shooing him out! And the snake trying his best to enter and slither right in our yard. Finally at the very end...he slithered into "Boy Next Door's" yard. Sorry to say it but...better them than us. Gomen ne~  We have not seen the snake since or any snake for that matter. I doubt that will last though. Because snakes in rural Japan just go hand and hand. Same as rattle snakes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains are just common. I still don't like either snakes, any snakes. Hahaha. But nothing you can do really about it. Many snakes in rural Japan are not poisonous but a couple are. My kids being country kids since they were babies....know the difference and can tell right away. Go figure. @_@ I however can't tell the difference. They all look seriously dangerous to me. Ha! : )

Both Branden and Noah know now that it's getting warmer to be on the look out. : ) Branden riding home from school the other day saw his first snake of the season. So yep...it's that time of year again. Time to be on the look out for any snakes. What I do is...if I am about to go in my backyard...I look out my patio sliding door FIRST. Before opening the door. When I do a "visual" first and all looks good, I go out there. It just takes me a sec to check beforehand. And same for the front yard too before...I go hopping in my car or exit my house...I look out the front window. Just takes a second and it saves me the possible heart attack of running across one. : )