Sunday, June 12, 2016

Chili update, plus 6 new Hatch chili plants...

Happy Monday everyone! Thought I'd give a little update on the chili's. Raining cats and dogs here this morning! : ) Anyway, last year we ordered Hatch's chili's. These originate from Hatch, New Mexico. They were sold out this year. However no worries we ordered 10 Big Jim's as you know. Plus we are growing 8 jalapeno plants too. Anyway, we have still been checking their website once a week. Just because. : ) Anyway, out of nowhere, 5 Hatch chili plants were for sale. We both decided to order them. So we did and they arrived in this handy dandy little box right here. However, they sent us 6!!! 1 for free, how cool! : ) 

This is a whole heck of a lot of chili plants this year. 3 different types and varieties. Jalapeno, Hatch and Big Jim. We can hardly wait. Anyway that is the tiniest shortest update ever! Oh and we have since transplanted the 6 Hatch chili's.

Anyway, since my last chili post, I was very happily surprised to be contacted by 2 different people asking me for more details of the seller. The people we buy our chili plants from. One by a fellow foreign wife living near Osaka. And one by a lady in California. Her sister just moved to Tokyo and plans to open a taco shop and needs a good place to buy chili plants from... for her homemade delicious tacos. : ) It always makes me very happy to help out anyone! And for any of you also reading and in Japan that might also like to grow some. Let me give you the link. Also, I don't often put links on here because I don't want it to be like...I'm pressuring someone to buy chili's. I'm not. Or like I'm should buy from here. It's not like that at all. Which is why I seldom put links. However since 2 people kindly asked. Absolutely no problem and I better put the link down right now. I do hope this helps someone. : ) Chili link.