Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Bits and Pieces...

I have a movie and lunch date with my 2 really good friends today, we're going to see Money Monster. We're meeting up this morning. And I thought since I have a tiny bit of time, I can do a short little bits and pieces of what we've been up to. : )  A few weeks ago, I made some Rice Krispy Treats for the kids. You know just some American yummy goodness, for when they got out of school that Friday! They both love Rice Krispy treats so much and were so happy as soon as they got home that day! : )

What else. Ahh this day, I was running errands for most of the day. But, I did have time to make a quick dinner, I make dinner 99.99% of the time, hahaha. I usually make a salad or some corn on the cob, what have you...you know what I mean. But this day, was a bit busier. However, I did preset the rice that morning. And I did come home, and cut any fat and funky bits off some chicken breasts. And oh...I forgot to tell you. I have been on a kick lately of using...that Yoshida's sauce lately. How long have I been on this Yoshida's sauce kick? About 3 weeks. I started off by buying a small bottle from Cainz. A chain here in Japan. And I knew they sold a big honkin' bottle at Costco in Japan. But I didn't want to buy a big bottle at first. However we loved that sauce so much! It's the original one. Oh my gersh...you guys... it is so good! That's what I used this day. I skillet/pan fried my chicken breasts. My chicken marinated in the sauce for 30 minutes or so and so did the button mushrooms too, which are in the picture too. We all wrapped our chicken with the flat lettuce leaves. It was so good. I have been making this about once a week. And I was at Costco yesterday and I did take the plunge and...bought the big giant sized bottle of the Yoshida's sauce. Anyway...this meal...just a quick fast simple meal, but a really good one. : )

Made a batch of brownies last Friday. Was it last Friday? I think so. Anyways...usually on Friday afternoons, I will make some dessert for the fam bam. 
Pizza Huts been having sales lately especially if you pick up. We picked up some pizza 2 weeks ago? Our nearest Pizza Hut and Dominoes for that matter are in Narita City. But it's not too bad a drive. We had pizza and a family movie this night. It was awesome! 

Two large pepperoni pizzas and 1 large baked potato wedges/baked fries. 

Anybody in Japan try these yet? These are pretty good. I like the basil ones, they also sell a cheese one. But Japan sometimes makes cheese taste so weird...so I didn't buy that one. I like this basil one. Think along the line as crunchy breadsticks. Also they are thicker than regular Pocky. 

I bought blotting papers recently, about 2 weeks ago... gee is everything from 2 weeks ago or what, lol. These Shiseido ones from the drugstore. I don't really like these ones at all. And won't ever repurchase these ones.  For the record. I love the ones in the US, the Clean and Clear blue ones. I love the Target knock offs of those ones too. I like the Face Shop ones a lot. I also had a favorite Japanese kind, I bought about 5 packs of those a few years ago and slowly using those. And I used my last sheet. And so went and bought new ones. So, there I was sitting in the blotting paper row/aisle. And thinking...wow this store only sells like 6 different kinds? Was I at a store that just had slim pickens'? Or what. I don't know, probably so. But out of the slim choices they had. I thought...Shiseido...a brand people trust. I trust. So, why not. Turns out. Meh. These remind me of toilet paper seat covers. Same paper 100% exactly. Same same same. Also, every other blotting sheet I have ever used ....1 sheet was enough to blot my whole face and I have never needed a second blotting paper in a row. However these ones...I always need to use 2 blotting sheets consecutively. They just don't blot enough in 1 go. And again every time I pull one out to blot...my mind always thinks..."toilet seat cover" paper. Same color, same look, same thickness. It's weird. Plus they don't do a good enough job. I am going to buy a new pack this coming week. And see, if I can get a better result with a different brand or type. : )

7-11 is selling a choco mint ice cream on a stick. It's so good you guys. If you are in Japan. There is a lot of buzz on this one!!! I have had 3 of my fellow foreign mom friends email me the past 7 days, lol! It's *so* good. I have bought everyone in my house 1 already. Maybe if you are in Japan, you may want to check it out, if you haven't already! Yumm. 7-11, chocomint icecream bar on a stick. Be on the look out!!! : ) Also...Starbucks has a Cheesecake Frap that is also getting lots of buzz in Japan lots of buzz.... and everyone says it is super good! I haven't tried that one yet... but I may go and get one tomorrow! So in a nut shell. 7-11 chocomint icecream bar...be there or be square... and Starbucks Cheesecake Frap!!! : ) Okay...time for me to finish doing my makeup and get ready for my fun day out with friends. Have an awesome day you guys! : ) I'll catch up again real soon! : )