Friday, June 17, 2016

A mountain bike for Noah...

Noah has outgrown his bicycle we bought for him in the first grade. Which is totally fine. He got 4 full years of usage from it. He rode his bright yellow bike every single week. He absolutely loved his bike. However, I noticed little things here and there. For example he had been slowly putting the seat up height wise... higher and higher until it was stretched as high as it could go. And it had started to even still look a little bit short. Example 2, I started to notice his group of 5th grade friends and classmates who would come to play with Noah.. started to get bigger/larger bikes. First 1 friend changed their bike, then I started seeing 2 and 3. And lately it seems by now about half of his friends have larger bikes. Half still don't. But yeah, just something I filed at the back of my mind.  Don't get me wrong, with 1 older kiddo, we most certainly have a spare bike for Noah, in the perfect bigger size. However, I hadn't had Noah make the switch because well...honestly? I wasn't sure Noah was big enough to handle the bigger framed bike. Lucky for me, I had taken a ton of pics when Branden made the bike switch and after checking out those pics to refresh my memory of what age Bran was....turns out...he was the same age Noah is now. I smiled when I realized Bran actually switched to a bigger larger bike in the 5th grade too. Same grade Noah is right now.  Branden isn't using that bike and actually gave it to Noah with his blessing! : ) So when I snapped the pics of my chili that day. That was the same day Noboru was doing some bicycle checks on the bright orange-ish yellow colored mountain bike that used to be Bran's... but is now Noah's!  Here is Noah eagerly awaiting his "new to him" bike.... passes daddy's bike inspection. : )  Wearing his Old Navy American flag 2016 shirt. GU shorts and his Asics sneakers with laces. His eyes were fixated on his new (to him) bike. : )

This bike is practically brand new. It's never been in the rain or got yucky and rusted by the harsh weather elements. It's shiny and new and mechanically sound. It's fantastic. It's a cool mountain bike. Noboru checked the chain, perfect he gave it the green light. He filled some air in the tires. 

Noboru and I stood out front, I was outside smiling thinking my baby...has crossed another milestone! He outgrew his bike from ichinensei and is now onto a bigger cooler bike. A mountain bike. Noboru was outside too but he was busy listening....listening to sounds of a quiet bike. And making sure there are no sounds of a bike in distress. Hahaha. He had Noah go back and forth and switch gears and stuff. And all was fine. The bike got the daddy seal of approval thumbs up and green light. : ) Noah's been using this one ever since. Now we'll have to figure out who we can give his smaller bike to. I'm sure we know someone who would like it or could use it. : ) 

Rainy season means hydrangea's are in season. I love them! So, glad there are 2 on our street. 

This new bigger mountain bike suits you Noah! So yep, Noah's made the switch about a week ago and he's been riding this a ton ever since! : )