Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

A visit from grandma Mitsuko for this weeks TBT! She went to watch the kids at swimming school. She is a very proud grandma! : )  
Having her special time with Branden and Noah in our backyard. We don't get to see her very often but that's just because she lives far away in Osaka city. We live on the opposite end of mainland Japan. We did see her this New Year's though. However she has her chain of restaurants to look after. Plus, lots and I do mean lots of real estate-y things too, like collecting rent etc (she's very good at real life Monopoly, let's put it that way hahaha). She's quite the busy grandma, so we totally understand. But we're very proud of her and understand how busy she is. She's very genki though. Very healthy and full of energy.  

Grandma chasing after the boys. Run boys! Run! : ) 

Grandma was so fast...that Bran thoughtfully picked up his brother so she wouldn't "catch" him. Hahaha. : ) It was all in fun. My MIL (mother in law) really enjoys getting the chance to come to our rural countryside and relax and spend time with the boys.

You can see our fence and yep that sure is rice fields as far as the eye can see to the right...right behind our house. We live in a VERY rural area. And we love it. It's so quiet and peaceful here. 

Grandma M squatting down to be at Noah's height and they played so many games and talked so much that day. I am so glad when she comes to visit. 

We had a BBQ the night she was with us. Yakiniku. 

It was such a nice dinner that night. Much too short of a visit. 

The next morning, her flight back to Osaka was at 9am. I woke up first right away, washed my face. Put a little makeup on and got dressed. And came downstairs to make my MIL some breakfast because I want to show appreciation for her coming. And the least thing I can do is send her off... with a full tummy. : )  I made her 2 slices of crispy bacon and some eggs and some toast. I had her coffee waiting for her... when she came down the stairs. Everyone else got yogurts and juice and I did make everyone breakfast...bacon and eggs... after we dropped off my MIL at the airport. But...I just wanted to send her off...on the right foot. : ) 

Have a safe trip, I gave her a tight hug and kiss on the cheek. I had the kids jump out of the car and hug grandma at the drop off area at the airport.... And I even asked Noboru to walk his mother inside and make sure she got checked in and stuff. : ) I just worry! Good bye! Thanks for visiting us. I know how busy you are, but sincerely thank you for coming! Anyway...that was this weeks throwback. A visit from grandma M. : )