Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

This weeks TBT, captures beautifully just a simple regular ordinary, evening at our home over the weekend, from April 2009.  What do we see in this picture? Well we see a view of rural Japan. We see, rice fields in the background. We see a family. A BBQ grill. A tricycle (the coolest tricycle btw) and a Thomas bike with training wheels on it. : ) We see a daddy with 2 sons on each of his sides watching as he starts the BBQ, for that nights supper. Just a simple but awesome way to spend the weekend. : )

"I'm gonna getcha!!!" Noboru would chase them all around the yard! "Watch out Noah, daddy's coming to get you", hahaha! : )

Noah would laugh and laugh! He loved this game! : )

Yellow and orange, yep, have been Noah's favorite colors forever! Two happy little boys. Just hanging out, while a mommy and daddy sit back there and play with them, talk and just relax. 

We love you both so much!!!

You can see a bit of Noah in this pic, as he was scoot scoot scootin' around on his tricycle and just basically having fun riding around the backyard. While Noboru and Bran played catch with the Anpanman ball. 

I see the ball mid air, catch the ball Bran! : ) And then it was time to eat and enjoy our BBQ. 

Goodness we made so much food, we had enough for leftovers for lunch for the next day. Many baked potatoes. The flavor of roasted on a charcoal grill potatoes though are bomb.... and lots of meat still. But, we were all stuffed. And now just enjoying our dessert for that night. Everyone had a Garigari-kun (popsicle) We still have backyard family BBQ's til this very day. Anyway, that was one evening captured at our house. : )

Anything new to add? Well Branden is back from his 3 day Kyoto trip! He had an amazing time! I'll blog about that when I get some time. I still have to post about Golden Week too. And a few bits and pieces posts to add as usual, to get you all caught up. But honestly though? The weather here has been so awesome and beautiful. All 4 of us are doing so well... we're all just really enjoying our time right now.  Branden is *loving* school! Noah is totally loving school, he cooked this week in Home EC. I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning (as usual lol) but also like with Noah's room. I decluttered the kitchen and I still have to declutter one more last area in the kitchen, which will be under the sink. After I am done with that. I will move to Bran's room. And the final room will be Noboru's and my bedroom. So basically just an organizing overhaul happening around here (nothing new on that front, you guys know I do this often). I've been to Costco twice since I last mentioned Costco. Bought the kids some swimming towels there last week. And a case of those little peach cups. I'll post about all that another time. I'd like to get this post up real quick. Because I have a lunch date with Noboru today.  I got an email from and the 3 DVD's are on there way to Japan, so yay for that. Can't wait to see Deadpool. Also, I have a lunch date with 2 really good girl friends of mine next week. I have to also go to Noah's school for that yk... once a year practice/mock emergency drill. And also a fun thing... we have a going to the movies family plan, coming up soon too. Alright, that's enough for now. I need to go and throw on my distressed boyfriend jeans, throw on a fitted black tee and throw on a pair of flip flops, I'm thinking, my black Havaianas with the clear rhinestones on them. Just super casual low key as always. I think we're going to run to 1 DIY and Cainz before lunch, so I better hurry. Have a great day ya'll. : )