Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

April 2013. A slightly blinded by the sun, Noah! Holding a tiny little country frog. These frogs are everyone this season. In fact there is one taking a nap, right now as I am typing this on my front porch. : )
Ribbit ribbit! : )

Anything new to add? Umm today is the last day of Golden week. This evening we are going to our favorite yakiniku restaurant with drink bar! We have plenty of rosu (lean beef) coupons and we will be feasting tonight! LOL. And just relaxing and enjoying our night as a family tonight at yakiniku.

Anything else to add? I have a load of kids school uniforms (elementary gym outfit and JHS dress shirt and gym stuff) and a load of fresh laundered towels drying and flapping in the breeze on my back patio right now. Also, I am heading to Sanki for some new towels soon, maybe in 30 minutes. I want to see if I can find any new bath towels there that I like, they usually have pretty good stuff there, so we'll see. And I also want to buy a new pack of school JHS socks at Paseos for BrannyB today too, you he can take some super white brand new socks with him... when he goes on his trip to Kyoto with his JHS class. Again just getting slowly ready for that little by little..bit by by the time he actually does go on his trip. I'm like...long done with the packing. That stress heart attack for me. So just better for me to get everything done way in advance. We also bought Branden a brand new backpack for his JHS final 3 day trip last week. A whole lot of his classmates are getting new backpacks (basically mostly everyone I talked with over observation day) and when I heard that buzz from my mom friends, I thought...I better grab one for... "the Bran Meister" too. That way he doesn't look like the 1 lone raggamuffin in the class. You know what I mean. No way! Not my kid. So that was bought last week. I's just the last... final trip. And everyone knows how important this trip is. So everyone is getting all gussied up and ready. Awww. Hahaha. : )

As you know tomorrow is my hair color appointment at 2pm. And that's about it for now. Ya'll know Bran and Noah have school tomorrow. Noah gets out at 3:45pm and I think Bran gets out around 4pm. Alrighty, I am going to blow dry my hair and head to Paseos and Sanki. Later alligators. : )