Friday, May 20, 2016

Three recent Costco shopping trips...

During holidays and weekends I try my very best to avoid Costco in Japan. Why? Because they're notorious to be so crowded that you can barely walk around and maneuver your cart. Think packed like sardines and hard to get around and you get the idea. So, when I typically head to Costco, I go first thing in the mornings right when they open the store and during the weekday. Anyways, I mention this fact because towards the end of GW (Golden Week) I mentioned needing GW to be over...not that I don't love Golden Week, I totally do...but it's just because I need to run there for cheese for some homemade pizza night. Noboru suggested we brave Costco anyways. And stated it was like the last day or two of GW and most likely it would be okay and not too overly crowded. He also suggested we go in the evening hoping the crowd would be even less. I said okay. And good thing I did. Because it was actually pretty normal crowds the evening we went. We could maneuver the huge Costco cart just fine. And had absolutely no problems at all. We picked up a rotisserie chicken, some cookies for the kids. The mozzarella cheese. And as we 4 were checking out. The check out lady asked us in English (because lots of the staff are bilingual and since we were speaking to each other in English... she spoke to us in English) anyways she asked us "how many are in your family today?" We looked at each other and said 4" : ) And she said today everyone is getting free Ben and Jerry's ice cream! So she pulled out 4 ice creams since there were 4 of us. And we were like..."wow how cool!"  We thanked her and we grabbed a takeout pizza and headed home for an easy dinner and good thing we always keep our cooler in our car... because we brought the ice cream home with us and we had Ben and Jerry's ice cream for dessert. Courtesy of Costco! : ) So that was shopping trip 1. Of my latest Costco trips. : ) How often do I go to Costco? The least amount I will go is twice a month, every other week. But the most I will go is 4 times a month which means once a week. So...somewhere between 2-4 times a month I am at Costco. : ) I'm most definitely a regular customer. : )  The foreign woman (Russian) who works at the food court always speaks to me, she's so nice and her English is pretty great! She "knows" me already. And the American "greeter" at the entrance... talks with me almost every single week too and I her! : ) They all know me at Costco Chiba New Town. : ) 
Havaianas, my favorite brand of flip flop. They have sizes all the way up to a 27.5. The price is fair about US$17.50. Given my foots a size 9 (size 25cm) they totally had my size. However, I had just thrown 2 swimming towels in my cart that I resisted these flip flops. 

They had so many colors but these navy and orange ones I LOVED....and yep I thought about for a full week. I regretted not buying them. : (

Costco Japan also has these. Not my style but for someone into that type of flip flop they're pretty good. 

Crocs. Noah just got new ones and so did Bran so, I didn't get these. But the price 1488 yen, that's about US$14, so a fantastic price. 

Costco in Japan also has these. Again not my style at all. Reminds me of the jelly shoes from the 80's that I used to wear. Remembering how my feet were all sorts of crazy....with circle shapes because of the pattern pressed up against my foot. Thinking of the sweaty feet... being in that hot plastic. Anyone else remember those plastic jelly shoes from the 80's. Anyways, yeah...a look I will pass on this time around. Cute for some one, I am sure of it... but not for me. 

Cart pic from May 10th, 2016. Big ol' bag of tortilla chips. Yep nachos have happened. That handmade pasta that I use for baked chicken parmesan. Pasta sauce. Case of peach cups, individual servings, my kids love these! Laundry soap and 2 swimming towels. Swimming season is about to start next month and the kids haven't gotten a new swim towel in 2 years and it's time for a new one. You know...I don't want any Raggedy Ann and Andy kids. No raggamuffins. So new swim towels are very much in order for Bran and Noah. 

Loved the design of this swim towel. They came in a girl color, pink maybe? Sorry, I don't have girls/daughters so I rarely pay attention to girl stuff. And black and this blue one. They came in 3 colors total. And the price was super fair about 1400 yen or so. I was really glad I snatched these towels up when I did. Because stuff like this sells out.

Peaches in peach juice. This reminds me of that commercial I see on American TV all the time. We don't drain it...we drink it. LOL. : )

This cart pic was taken this week. May 17th. My cart has, mozzarella cheese (yep pizza happening again soon), those flip flops I could *not* stop thinking about these. Had to get them. And good thing, I grabbed the last pair of navy and orange in my size. These Havaianas are honestly...nearly sold out at my Costco, the good or popular colors at least. The navy color is almost sold out. In my size and the bigger size...that's larger then the size I got... are all sold out. But they had maybe 5 pair of size 7 and 8's. And the white pair is still in stock but the nicer colors like the navy and orange are almost completely gone. Yep, when you see stuff like this, you gotta buy it right away... when you see it. I'm actually lucky I got to buy the last pair in my size... in the navy and orange because I know better... then to wait a week. I should have bought them the week before. But oh well. As long as I have them now, it doesn't matter really. But yep, when you see the things like swim towels or limited amounts of stuff like flop flops. You need to buy asap. Otherwise they'll be gone. The brownie mix was on sale at my store. They were 800 yen for the box and the expiration date is August 2017. So over a full year and there's 4 mixes in the box. A great deal for us in Japan. Also purchased this week... tortillas, 2 containers of pancakes (with butter and maple syrup inside. Salsa and hamburger buns. I'm making chicken sandwiches this coming Sunday. And made pulled pork sandwiches last night. The salsa was for the homemade tostadas for dinner 2 nights ago.

My lunch from May 17th. Anyway, I know so many of you really enjoy the day to day type of posts of what I'm up to. Again...just regular life stuff happening. And this just shares with you 3 recent Costco trips of mine here in Japan. : )