Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ordering Noah's sewing kit for Home Economics class...

Our elementary school in Japan is *really* big on all kids... both boys and girls learning Home Economics. Or Home Ec, how we called it at my school in Denver growing up. : ) Since the 1st grade, kids have been cooking, preparing or baking... at our local elementary school. Remember back when Noah was a first grader and they each made their own Christmas cake and us parents came and helped our "pika pika" ichinensei decorate their cakes?! : ) I am sure many of you remember that. So yes, our school since the first grade, has been including cooking, baking, prepping (peeling) of some sort since the first grade. And since the 4th grade, Noah and all other 4th graders (last year) all started learning the basics of sewing. Sewing doesn't become official "official" until 5th grade, which is this year, right now. But now the 5th graders have made it official for sure. And during the class meeting a few weeks ago. The teacher said they'd be passing out ordering forms and for us and our kids to pick a sewing kit and place that order! So that's just what we did. I clearly remember years ago when Branden was a 5th grader and brought home *his* order forms and how much fun we had picking out Branden's cool sewing kit, he got a surf one. T&C, and he still uses it til this very day at JHS. Now it was Noah's turn. And he brought home these 2 order forms. These are all sewing kits in this picture. Noah, Bran and I ohhed and ahhed over the new 2016 sewing kits. 

Comes with these supplies inside, cool. 

This is what Noah picked! And it's funny because Branden and I were liking that one too. Out of all the "boy choices/options", that was the one we would have picked too. So we 3 all fell in love with the same one. I liked that it wasn't just plain and boring, I liked the silver and bright green details. And I also know...the kids will be using this in JHS too. So picking one that isn't too baby-ish will be appreciated for years down the road. : ) So yep, this was the pick. We placed the order and put the money in the order form and stapled it up. And Noah took it to school and placed his order. The sewing kits should be coming in within a week or two. : ) 

Now Noah and his fellow 5th grade classmates can enjoy some sewing in class every week now! As soon as their sewing kits arrive! : )