Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Mommy and son lunch date...

Since Noah had an "observation day" April 23rd on a Saturday. The kids at his elementary school didn't have school on Monday, April 25th. So that was our day... that our "afternoon lunch date" was set. A mommy and son lunch date! : ) I do this with both boys when either one of them has a Monday off school. This just happened to be Noah's day off. So Monday morning, after vacuuming the downstairs, swooshing the downstairs toilet and hanging the laundry. I quickly got dressed and I told Noah as we were eating our breakfast yogurts and toast. For him to pick the place he'd like to go for lunch. I said, "would you like to go and have Indian for lunch? Saizeriya? Ramen? McD's? KFC?" You choose. Your choice entirely! He thought about it and Noah finally said, "can we go to McDonald's for lunch and Baskin Robbins for ice cream afterwards?" I said, absolutely, it's our date... but kids choice! So that's what we did! Noah had a chicken McNugget kids meal. And I had a salad. Their salad cups with goma dressing are my favorite thing at McD's in Japan for lunch. I love goma dressing and I knew I would be having some ice cream afterwards. So this was exactly what I wanted for lunch and we enjoyed our lunch chatting away together!

The ice creams are on sale right now 31% off. A fantastic deal, so for that great price... me and my cutie patootie lunch date...we had a regular size double each! Noah picked cookies and cream and choco mint. And I picked cherries jubilee and jamocha almond fudge. We had a nice time together. I always want my kids to know... how incredibly important they are to me. And how us... spending one on one time together, is something really really cool. And really important. I am always here and I will always listen. And they know that.

Hmm, the sale goes away on these double scoops.... May 8th, I think. Don't quote me on that for sure... but yeah I think so. Anyway, I think I'll be taking both my boys to get some Baskin Robbins before the sale goes away. Think, I'll take them tomorrow. : )

Any current updates? How was bowling last night? Amazing! We played/bowled 3 games. I'll share in better detail when I get that up and posted.

Anything else? Anyone keeping up with that whole "Becky with the good hair?" I have been. I love Beyonce, I would most definitely consider myself part of the Beyhive. Apparently... on one of her new songs, she made reference to her guy cheating on her with someone she coined "Becky with the good hair" Now first and foremost is the song even... about her and Jay? Honestly maybe but maybe not. However everyone and their momma thinks it's about Jay Z and everyone at first thought "Becky" was in reference to Rachel Roy. Roy with an "O"...however so many of Beyonce's followers got confused and went over to Instagram and attacked Rachael Ray...Ray with an "A" ...Poor Rachael Ray the chef. They bombarded her instagram. And wrote her horrible things. Mean nasty things about her, about her daughter... about her cookbook. Things that would make... any average normal person cry! OMG!  Made threats to poor Rachael Ray. Threatened her with bodily harm! @_@ It might be Rachel Roy. Might. But it most certainly is NOT Rachael Ray. People please don't go after Rachael Ray, she is not involved even 1 iota, she just has the misfortune to have a very similar name. And for that matter... anyone notice even the way they spell Rachel/Rachael is even different. Apparently someone screen shotted Rachel Roy's instagram and she made 1 post with a pic and it said..."good hair don't care" @_@ again was she hinting...indicating she was indeed "Becky with the good hair?" I don't know. And again...this song might not even be about Jay and Bey at all. It might just be a song... plain and simple. Sometimes folks can read too much into something...that isn't there. Sure it could be about her husband Jay Z. but it could also be just a song people. Either way...I sure wish everyone would leave Poor Rachael Ray...with an A...alone. Poor woman is totally and completely innocent.

Remember that show Bride and Prejudice? That I was watching. It ended and the 3 couples all ended on a good note.

Anything else to add? I ordered 3 DVD's on Amazon.com last week. What's coming? Deadpool! American superheros are the best! And Ryan Reynolds looks hilarious in this one. Can't wait! Also, The Boy (this looks scary and can't wait!) and also American Sniper is coming! I have seen American Sniper and loved it, it was fantastic! So, I can't wait for it to get here!  Deadpool and The Boy haven't been released yet. May 10th is the release date, I think. Which isn't too far of a wait. So, maybe in about 2 weeks they'll get here. : ) No worries. : )

I'm making American style fried chicken tonight and cheesy potato gratin tonight and some veggies on the side. : )