Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Golden Week Fun...

Here are some things we did over the Golden Week holiday for us here in Japan. Noboru and I took the kids bowling one evening! We had such fun, we played 3 games/rounds of bowling! Noboru is actually a pretty good bowler.  
Go Bran!

Branden is actually pretty tall and still growing. He was last measured in height at the start of the new school year at the beginning of April. And as of the start of April Branden measured in at 173cm tall. Which, for us Americans, is 5 feet 8 inches tall. And I frankly think he's grown taller since the beginning of April. And the fact he's barely 14 years old and still growing like a weed! 

That's a strike Noah! : )

What a happy kid!

A bit blurry, sorry about that...but smiles for days! : )

Noah drinking some water. During one of our matches.

Listening to some bowling pointers/advice from his big brother...

Noah's shocked face after hearing from Bran, that he thinks Noah's aim is a bit off. Noah said...OMG are you serious? @_@ But as he's older, he listened and then said thanks. We were there for ages. About 2 and a half hours. After we were done we went to Narita City for a fun rare treat. Some Golden Week grub! Very yumm. : )
I had a foot long veggies and cheese sandwich from Subway. And a small order of onion rings (from Burger King)

Branden had 1 Whopper with cheese combo and 1 extra side Whopper. Again, he's a growing boy. He's a teen growing and getting taller by the day, so he needs food and lots of it! If you have boys...just wait until they become teens. Your grocery bill with sky rocket! Hahaha. But it's all good. No worries. We want him to eat a lot and grow and grow! : ) 

Noah had a Whopper junior with cheese combo with fries and drink and they had 10 nuggets on sale for 200 yen. So Noah ate 5 of the nuggets and Noboru had the other 5. They agreed to split those nuggets, lol. And Noboru had a Whopper with cheese combo and like I just said, 5 nuggets. Not a fancy shmancy dinner... but that's A-okay we're not fancy shmancy people! Ha! : ) We enjoyed our dinner in the food court in Narita City and we people watched! We talked about bowling. We basically enjoyed our night! It was awesome. It was fun! : )
Crapola picture but that's my sun visor in the car. Noboru drove us to Kashiwa one day during Golden Week. We went to the mall there. Lalaport (it's a chain mall in Chiba prefecture, there's a few of these) We went there to buy Branden's backpack for his Kyoto trip, we also wanted to hit up the Crocs store for a new pair of Crocs for Noah. Which we did. So now both boys have new Crocs for Spring/Summer 2016. I'll be posting in better detail about this Lalaport trip on another post. But again a fun way to spend the entire day during GW (Golden Week) by going to a "new to us" mall. We've been to the other locations but never this one before. We walked around found a nice backpack and Noah found a nice pair of Crocs. And we enjoyed the ride back home. The weather was beautiful that day. Just a nice day.  
We went to yakiniku during Golden Week too. What a big wide smile from Noah. he's all smiling at his brother deep in conversation. Noboru is happy and munching. Bran is grilling. And I'm about to sit my butt down, as soon as I snap this pic. : ) 

Just a fun night out with the family!

Laughter, good food...good times.

We ate and stuffed ourselves silly. It was so delicious.

We go to this yakiniku restaurant. This is our favorite yakiniku place. It's a bit far-ish from our home. It's a chain. But we love this place, there's closer places but we like this place. We all enjoyed some hot tea and fruit for dessert after our yakiniku. And then we went home. Showered and just relaxed and kicked it here at home... watching good TV. Again, just another fun evening during our Golden Week 2016. Sometimes it's just the simple things, you know. : ) 
Taking the kids for some Baskin Robbins over Golden Week since they were having that fantastic 30% off deal. Just relaxing hanging out, enjoying some ice cream. It was nice. Branden had rocky road and a scoop of cinnamon and brown sugar (this tastes like a cinnamon roll fwiw) Noah had a scoop of rocky road and a scoop of pineapple cheesecake, and I had a scoop of cinnamon and a scoop of pineapple cheesecake. Both were fantastic, but I'm still thinking about that cinnamon one! It was so good. : ) And basically that's some of the things we did, over Golden Week. We also did yard work and stuff too. But again, I want to make a separate post for that. : )  If you're in Japan, I hope you had a nice Golden Week too. : )