Sunday, May 22, 2016

Getting Branden ready for his Kyoto trip. And a few other bits and pieces for good measure...

April 29th the 4 of us went to spend the day in a city we have never gotten the chance to hang out in before. We went to Kashiwa! A very nice city! And we had a lot of fun walking around and exploring that day! Anyways one of our stops was to Lalaport. To get a new backpack for Bran and a new pair of Crocs for Noah!

Branden picked up the backpack he wanted. In the style and color he wanted. He said even before getting to Kashiwa he was looking for a rectangular backpack. After checking out many different shops and stores he found this bag! He was very happy about this backpack for his final trip in JHS. : ) 

Crocs Crocs who's got the Crocs. : ) 

One thing that surprised me about this trip to the Crocs store was as we were making our way to the junior department for Noah. A *very* nice man working there. Young stylish mid 20's. Asked if he could help us. We said we were looking for a new pair of Crocs for Noah. And he pointed us to the men's department. My first thought was..."is this man on crack?" "He's only 10 freaking years old!" Not 15 or so! @_@ However, I kept an open mind though and thought..he works here. He must know better than us. So let's follow this young man to the men's department for my 10 year old. Hey, I have an open mind, like I just said... plus it was the start of GW and we had the whole day to browse. And yes he was right. Let me say that once again. He was 100% right. We had Noah try on the size men's 4/Japanese size 22cm (which yes Noah is wearing 22.5 and 23cm sneakers, so I guess it wasn't absurd to think he could wear a men's Croc now afterall). And while it is a tad big with a spot to grow. The man was grow like weeds and there's a bit of room but not like overly too much room. And he further added...and I will forever remember this. He said "as long as the band at the back is on tight and isn't slipping he can wear them!" I was now 98% convinced. I did say...let's just try their size 21cm meaning the junior size to just ease my mind though...but adding. I do think you are right... but just to ease my mind. He didn't mind in the least in fact he ran...actually ran back there grabbed the 1 size smaller and it fit Noah exactly right with zero room to grow. And right then...I was now 100% convinced. Oh and btw these Crocs sizes do run bigger...bigger than sneaker sizes. I told him.."you're clearly the expert, you know what you are talking about!" You were right from the start. and wow...can't believe my 10 year old is wearing a smaller size men's Crocs now. We all were laughing and nodding right to the check out counter. He was so nice! He wanted us to feel totally sure. He was so helpful. And yeah...really truly appreciated that awesome Crocs guy! So yep...Noah is now a men's size 4! Holy crap you guys! : ) 

New Crocs for Noah. Now he's all set for when summer gets here! : )

Since we were in Kashiwa already we hit up Don Quixote for snacks for Bran's Kyoto trip.

We needed snacks for both ways...round trip! : )

On the way there...

On the way back...

The snacks for the way back home... went into his suitcase and our school mailed all the kids suitcases to Kyoto ahead of time. They shipped them via Kuroneko on the Friday, 2 days before they left to Kyoto. So their suitcases were already waiting at the hotel for them. : ) 
Don Quixote has some items that are so dirt cheap. A case of mugicha, name brand not brand X. 500 yen for the box. So we bought 2. 
For school trips electronics aren't allowed, which I think is a good idea. Like no Kindle, Ipad or tablets allowed. But the suggestion is for kids to bring card games and they mentioned Uno by name. So, I made sure to pack up the regular sized Uno cards and the mini sized ones too. They played a round while on the Shinkansen (bullet train)

I did buy a 3 pack of school socks for Bran's trip. And a new wallet for his trip too. And the sneaker socks. I bought Bran 1 pair and myself a pair. Those sneakers socks were 180 yen a pair and on sale. I will be going back for more of those super short sneaker socks. They're perfect and you can't even tell you are wearing them.  

While at Paseos getting Bran's school socks for his school trip. We found 2 pair of shorts for Noah. The price was perfect 980 yen about US$9 a pair. 

Comfy band and one band is orange and green and the other band is blue and red. 
Sanki has the best towels (cute and cheap). They just do, if you live in Japan. Love Sanki for towels.

While Bran uses his Hawaiian Spongebob towel here at home. He loves it because it's giant sized and comfy. However, I know he wouldn't want his friends to see his Spongebob towel either though. So no worries I picked up this ...more adult looking/ teenage boy cool...Hawaiian towel with sea turtles and hibiscus flowers on it!
I packed his suitcase all up on that Thursday because every 9th grader would be going to school Friday with their suitcases and Kuroneko would be picking up about 51 suitcases that morning. Good bye Hawaiian bath towel...fishy chisai towel. Toiletries. Underwear... new JHS white socks, spare uniforms and snacks for the way back home! Farewell packed up suitcase! : ) 

I also washed Bran's JHS white shoes super good and they dried out on Saturday, the day before his trip! I just wanted to send him off properly, you know! : ) Also washed up Noah shoes and Bran's shoes that they did the backyard yardwork with. Because there was so much dirt on their shoes. So, I washed those too. : ) 

Saturday evening, after supper... the night before Branden was set to leave to Kyoto. I baked blueberry muffins. That way... Sunday morning, he would have a quick breakfast already made and ready for him! : ) Yep, I thought of everything! Good mama Good mama! : ) 

The kids were all set to meet at the train station between 6-6:15am. The train was set to leave our train station at 6:30am. I woke up at 5:15am that morning. Noah was sleeping, Noboru was sleeping. I went in and woke up BrannyMcB. He woke up right away. He was so excited you guys! All kids could bring up to 15,000 yen /US$150. He had that all packed up in his wallet. And I also gave him 140yen x3. That way I said...he could buy drinks along the way to Kyoto or for the next day for drinks... without spending any bills yet. I also froze him one 600ml of mugicha and another 600ml of mugicha was just fridge type cold... for immediate drinking. So his drinks for that first day were already in his backpack. He had his camera, kids were allowed to take cameras. Kids were allowed to buy drinks from anywhere along the way. They ordered obento lunch to be eaten in the Skinkansen. Branden ate 3 blueberry muffins and had a glass of orange juice. And then I dropped off my Bran at the train station. However I wanted to snap these 2 pics before we left.  : ) 

I dropped off Branden and he was the first kid to arrive, lol. It wasn't my intention for him to be first. All I knew was...I didn't want him to miss that train! Hahaha. So we left our house at 5:55am. We were there at 6am on the nose and I saw the two 9th grade teachers sitting and waiting and I head bowed them... while I was pulling into the train station. Branden got out of my car and I watched him walk to his teachers for a half of second and I drove off. I was super happy he made it to the train station. I knew he was going to have such a fun trip.  I wasn't worried or nervous or dokidoki at all. Because I know he's a smart kid, a good kid. He would be with 51 kids and a bunch of teachers and they'd all be safe and basically just having a fantastic time! So, I was very happy Branden was having such a great opportunity to take such a trip! I went home. As I was driving back home from the train station, I saw so many parents of Bran's classmates. I saw Kouta's mom driving him. I saw Go-kun's mom driving him and Genki's dad driving him and more. I saw a whole bunch of kids and parents on their way to the train station that morning. Don't ask me why....but it was a nice feeling. Like we were all going through the same thing. Does that make sense? I hope so. Anyway I arrived home within 5 minutes and I had myself a hot coffee and a blueberry muffin. I sat downstairs...and heck... by now...I was wide awake and clearly not going to go back to bed. So, I read my emails and I think I was able to update my blog that morning while the two N's slept. : ) This was Mother's Day morning, the day Bran went to Kyoto. After both Noboru and Noah woke up they finished off the blueberry muffins and we had some omelettes and toast. Noboru left for work a bit later and Noah and I just had a really nice little day and evening here at home together. It was a nice day. I'll be making a Mother's Day post, so I don't want to mention what I got for Mother's Day yet. Anyway that's enough for now.  : )