Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday. Noah starting yochien 2009...

Before Noah started yochien (Japanese kindergarten), thanks to having 1 child already go through yochien beforehand. I wasn't completely out of the loop or out of the know. And given Bran went to the same yochien. I made sure to get Noah prepped up a tad.... starting at the end of October 2008.  Not really too early, because like I said in my last TBT, Noah started in January in a pre-yochien class. A sort of "getting ready" for yochien class from January until the end of March. You really only need 1 set of bags. What size and sort of handmade/homemade bags you need, really depends on your own personal school and what size and specifications they want. I, as you can see... did buy 1 main set, the frog set. And that is what Noah used 95% of the time, but once in a while he wanted to change and if he did, he had a *really* cool handmade Thomas set and the Sesame Street handmade set. Noah had quite a few different handmade sets. But his favorite and most used set was the froggy set. He used his main big square bag, the inside shoe bag and the other bag was for his gym clothes, so his gym bag. 

This set was very helpful for Noah. And so cute.

They had spots for his names on all his bags. But everyone knew the froggy bags were his. : ) And his classmates also had really cool handmade bags too. : )

Inside lining with stag beetles. Which are quite popular here in Japan for boys. 

I really love this big square handmade bag and I love that it's in English. Noah uses this even now. He loves this bag and it's not too overly child-ish really. So, he still...even now feels comfortable taking this to elementary school sometimes...but his main bags now are a nice set of handmade Super Mario Bros. : ) 

Inside lining on all his bags. 

I really loved Noah's handmade yochien lunch mat and cup holder and obento bag. I love how that little frog on the obento bag is holding a rice ball/onigiri. He also had a few other lunch sets too. : ) 

So cute!
I also, made sure Noah had some handmade tissue covers. His favorite of these was the aloha shirt and the orange Snoopy. : ) 

Pale yellow and blue design and penguins. This was Noah's handmade seat cover but it held his bosai zukin (emergency/disaster cover). 


Stickers for putting name stickers on everything of Noah's.

Kids play with nendo/clay in yochien. And need a plastic mat. What I did with Branden and also did with Noah was, I went to a DIY store and found the most colorful and happy looking plastic table cloth and cut this amount and this cost me about 300 yen and when I cut it into the correct size at home, I got about 5 nendo mats from this... 1 piece of plastic cheery plastic table cloth. I have had about 5 different fellow foreign women in the past... who had contacted me, before when I accepted comments... thanking me for mentioning this very tidbit. Because some of them were thinking..."where in the heck can I find a nendo sheet?" Maybe they make them now days? But back in 2009, I never found any. And this way was the cheapest and it simply worked so well. But yep, so many people said...thank you for mentioning this! : )

Since Noah wasn't an official student yet until April, he could only wear the gym uniform to school. No cute little navy blue uniform until April. But since he was starting in January, we went ahead a month before and made sure we had Noah's gym shorts, long sleeve tops, navy blue school shoes (we called them his French shoes, since they had a French flag on them) and inside shoes and smock. : ) 
All of these school supplies pictured here... were bought easily at the actual yochien. That's Noah's art book, attendance booklet. Glue, scissors. yellow badges were for the kiddos who were not really yochien... real students yet. : ) Yellow at our school meant...younger than a regular yochien aged kiddo. : ) 
Every crayon was stickered and I put 1 tape around each crayon, in case the name sticker fell off on accident. The tape ensures that the little sticker stays put. : ) 

Noah used Branden's yochien backpack, but we let him pick up a new charm for it. Noah picked Spongebob Squarepants. 
Noah also picked up his favorite character obento stuff. Spongebob of course. : )

Everyone absolutely loved Noah's.... "Noah" thermos especially on field trips. parents would comment..."that is so cool!!!" That was very kind of them to say that. : ) I bought that in Denver. 

The good part of having 2 boys is, Noah also inherited Bran's Thomas thermos and cars thermos too. 

And Noah also inherited Branden's lunch goods he had too. Branden had Ultraman and Thomas galore. And it's nice that Noah could get usage out of all those extra lunch boxes but...I also don't want Noah to feel like a hand me down kid either. If you have 2 boys or 2 girls, you'll know what I mean. So, it was important for me to make sure Noah knew..."see we let you pick out YOUR special Spongebob lunch box" but can also use these too. That way he doesn't feel like he just gets hand me downs 24/7. So again...I do try to be fair too. 

One of his gym shirts was in Japanese and one was in English. 

Good grief did I have to sew so many name labels on things.

Even his inside gym shirts/under shirts had name labels on them.

Yep this was before March, so Noah had to go in his Catholic school gym clothes. We loved those gym clothes though because they're so pretty, such a beautiful nice happy yellow pair of shorts. And nice long sleeve white top. Love you Noah, have a wonderful day at yochien sweet pea! : )
Now it was getting closer to March and we went and bought Noah some new yochien socks and a new winter hat. 
The dress shirts we bought new... but we were lucky that Noah could use all of Branden's winter navy blue uniforms and gray summer uniforms and he had plenty. So that saved us a ton of money! 

Checking the size. Good and considering we had a few different sizes of the winter and summer uniforms, looks like you're all set your entire years of kindy kiddo! Looks like you were ready and excited to start yochien in April 2009! And considering you really started in January. You were already used to that school by then. Already had a best friend already, best friend H-kun at that time! That you went to swimming with and everything! So by the time April 2009 rolled around, you were totally ready!

Any current update? It rained today, so Ru's coworker is coming tomorrow morning to dismantle and take away the big playground in our backyard. Anything else? Branden got a new pair of glasses today. He calls them his Clark Kent glasses, lol. I'll share a picture next time. : ) We went to Bran's observation day yesterday. It was an English class, that we all observed. This Saturday, is Noah's observation day. Bran and I will be going to that. Many jalapeno babies are sprouting now. Like tons. We are expecting a great big crater where the jungle gym used to be. But yes...we are pretty much 100% sure it will slightly crater... like a you know what I mean? So...this week Noboru already picked up a palette of dirt to fill in the expected space. So we will be trying to fill in the ground there and leveling that off and when it is finally level and all..."flat Stanley" looking...then we will go ahead and plant sod (grass) down. So step 1...dismantle jungle gym. Step on filling up any crater we expect we will see. Step 3, plant some sod. Considering we want a good job and not a crap job. We will be packing the dirt firmly in the ground. So we expect maybe...2-3 weeks. And how long will it take the finally look like normal grass and not like square patches...kwim? So, I imagine it will take some time to get things done. Funny thing is. My dad knows. You all know, but the neighbors don't know. Nobody in our town knows about us dismantling the jungle gym. We think our neighbors and everyone will freak out! When they notice it's gone. Hahaha. Oh well. : ) Onwards and upwards as they say. : )