Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Guam trip...

Thursday, March 24th was both Bran and Noah's last day of school. They both got out at 11am. That was also the date we were flying out of Japan and to Guam. We caught the evening flight, the 4 of us. This pic, is when I was checking out the on-demand movie selection. I already saw Star Wars The Force Awakens. I really liked it, but I didn't want to see it on the plane because I wanted to see something, I hadn't seen before. 

Pan, not interested. Paranormal Activity the Ghost something something. I wanted to see that granted, but not my 1st choice. The Peanuts Movie, not interested. Zombie movie, not interested but Noboru watched that and liked it apparently. 

Creed, not interested but it does have good reviews. The Good Dinosaur, both Branden and Noah chose to watch that first, go figure. But I wasn't interested in that either. Hunger Games the final one, liked it a lot, but not interested for that flight. Again, I just wanted to see something new that I hadn't seen yet. 

The night flight is quite relaxing with the lights. Many slept in first class. But my boys were awake watching The Good Dinosaur and then Noah slept afterwards. And Bran stayed up watching something after that. I stayed up the entire time watching 1 and a half movies. : )

This was the first movie I watched. Paper Towns. I had wanted to see this. It was nice to see it. Would I buy the DVD for this? Nope. But I am glad I saw it. : )

The flight attendants were rock stars! Seriously so nice, so amazing and warm. My meal. A chicken breast in sauce. Green beans. The salad was so good as was the dinner roll and dessert.

Not sure if you see the big slabs of mozzarella in this salad, but wow this salad was really great. I watched Paper Towns and as much as time allowed for Paranormal Activity Ghost something or other, I forget the super long end of that title. I thought this latest Paranormal movie was pretty good. Much better than the last one before this one. We arrived. Deplaned the aircraft. And thanked those amazing flight attendants. And met up with my dad who was waiting for his family/us to exit the sliding doors. It was so super late. Passed midnight. So technically the next day. But we went back to my dad's condo and we all fell asleep pretty much immediately. : ) 

Friday, we all went for a McD's breakfast sandwich (although my dad and Noboru each picked an island breakfast). And then we went and did some shopping in the morning. Followed by an afternoon movie. 

All 5 of us sat and ate and talked. It was a good morning.

We shopped quick. I can go down each aisle in like seriously... a minute per aisle, I don't waffle or dilly dally. Because I have a list and know what I am looking for. 

I'd say we were done with shopping in an hour. We went to 2 Cost u less stores. Only bought from 1 though. Shopped in 1 Payless grocery store... this is like a Safeway or Kroger, it's Guam's main chain grocery store. Only shopped in 1 and again, went each aisle, minus the baby and dog food aisle. And we were in and out in no time. We dropped things off. We broke for lunch. Which we went to Panda Express. After lunch we went to a movie. Meaning we left Kmart... for after the movie. We just took 2 hours out of our day and went and watched a movie. Right after lunch. I think we caught the 1pm showing. We were out way before 3pm, of the movie.

Lunch was fun for the 5 of us. 

The kids wanted to see Batman V Superman. So that's what we did. The movie is a new release world wide and my goodness was the movie theater PACKED! Like not a seat left in the theater. We luckily had 5 seats in a good spot but people kept walking in the movies looking for seats. And 1 family in particular, came in with a flashlight looking for a seat. And basically blinded all of us as he flashed his light on us all in our rows, with his flashlight!!!??? How rude! I mean, I know he wants a seat but geeze, please don't blind the rest of us. And also, I am so sorry to say this but I wish people would NOT take their small kids to the movies if they are going to talk all the way through the entire freakin' movie! I am a mother myself too. And I didn't get to see a movie for years and years when my kids were babies and toddlers.. until I knew my kids could quietly sit and enjoy the movie and NOT disturb others. I also warned my kids. "kids aren't allowed in movies if they are loud.. if you're loud they'll make us leave" And my kids understood and they kept quiet. I had consideration for others when my kids were little. So anyways back to Batman V Superman....we had a dad and wife behind us during Batman V Superman. Like two kids, ages 3 and 4 years old, 2 kids. And they talked through 90% of the frickin' movie. "mommy who is that?" "Mommy is that a trash can?" @_@ I kid you NOT! I am not exaggerating. I am serious. The kids asked if that was a freakin' trash can, during some alley shot!!! Please people...movies are not free and they are most certainly NOT cheap. When we get to go to a movie it is a real treat! And to have 2 absolutely clueless parents with absolutely zero manners or consideration for anyone in that movie theater was just appalling. And he wasn't whispering he was like talking in a big booming whiny loud kid voice. Oh and by the way. You know how there are trash cans near the exits of each movie theater for you to throw your trash away? Like most normal people do? The people behind us...with the 2 loud mouth kids.. left their row absolutely trashed! Popcorn all over the floor. Drinks just left on the floor. 2 boxes of candy thrown on the seats and floor. It was Noah who said it first.."look mama they left all their trash" "they trashed it" I said..."yep some people just don't have any manners now days, which is sad" Those people were long gone but honestly, I frankly woulda said it regardless, if they heard it or not. Because seriously? Is this what humanity is coming to? Speaking of that..did anyone see on the news online about that girl on the airplane who flopped her ponytail over the seat on the airplane and blocked the person in the seat behind hers to see the in- flight movie. Because of her pony tail blocking the screen. And come on! She had to have known. She was just being a punk! It turns out the person she blocked from seeing the in flight movie was a reporter and he tweeted it and it went viral all this last week. He said something like..."thank you lady who sat in seat 22J you just brought rudeness to a new level." @_@ And yes he did say... he told her to move her hair. But come on...she knew exactly what she was doing. I have had super long hair myself in the past and had pretty long pony tails too and you can feel where your hair has flopped to. For sures! My #1 thing I tell my kids always..."is consider other people." Did the person who blinded us all with the flashlight... in the movies consider other people? No! Did the idiot parents with loud kids who should have never went to the movies in the first place...because lets' face it...those kids weren't really behaved AT ALL and they weren't really ready yet to go to a movie manner wise at all...yet did they consider other people who were in the same movie and who bought tickets but had a hard time hearing and enjoying the movie...did they consider us other people? No! And same with that reporter who tweeted about that lady and her pony tail. It's a simple thing people...not rocket science...just consider other people! Gee whiz. A simple thing to teach and do. 

Blurry leaving the movie theater pic...

Still bright and sunny outside. We went to Kmart. We stayed a while in Kmart. Maybe 50 minutes? We checked out and left. Went back to my dad's. We packed our suitcases 90% and then we went to Home Depot. One of my M&M keys needed to be exchanged and we also needed to have them ground to fit my specific door locks. Then we went to dinner. 

We went to Vitale's. Our favorite Italian restaurant on Guam. My meal pictured here, the lasagna and garlic bread. 

My dad and Noboru had ordered the same thing, the spaghetti and meatballs. Branden ordered the handmade pepperoni pizza. Their pizza is so good. We all had unsweetened iced tea. 

Mr. Vitale is a wonderful Italian American man from the mainland USA. But has lived on Guam for gee maybe 30 years. I love this poster near the cash register, it features many Italian Americans in the one poster. Every time Mr. Vitale sees my dad and I, he always lights up and comes right to our table to talk for a bit. Though he is getting really old now. : ( But he's still there everyday. Anyway, after supper, I went to the DFS MAC cosmetics counter for a couple minutes. And then we went back to my dad's condo. We all took showers. My dad has 2 showers/2 bathrooms so it's quite quick for everyone to get showered. And we all went to sleep. Our flight was like at 8am the next morning. So we made sure to be at the airport super early and we woke up around 5am to start getting ready. 

Breakfast on the airplane. This tortilla breakfast wrap was so good. It was shredded skillet fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and this salsa was so good. Fresh fruit and a croissant with jam. Oh and the flight crew were the SAME awesome ladies! As Noah and I were boarding the airplane, Bran and Noboru were behind us, but about 50 seconds behind us, 12 feet behind us maybe. But Noboru said...they were so loud, I knew they were talking to you/me! hahaha. They were! We were! They saw Noah and I and they were like..."hey it's you guys again!!!" And I said, "oh I'm so glad it's you guys too!!!" And they asked..."what did you guys do while on Guam?" I said we saw a movie and did a little shopping? "What about you guys?" They said they swam and rested at their hotel. And we just chit chatted. The 1 flight attendant has 2 daughters. 1 is 29 and 1 is 24 and the one who is 24 is in law school. And then a man 2 rows in front of us. Who he... was talking to Noah an I earlier, as we were boarding, he chimed in and said he was a lawyer in Washington State. And yada yada yada. So we all had some little chit chat thing going on in the first class cabin, before the in-flight movies started. It was fun. The topic of our conversation was...this world is really big, but/however in some ways it's really small. Hence our family and the flight crew meeting again. The lawyer and his wife agreed and yeah, a good 10 minute conversation with some really nice people. 

Noah enjoying his breakfast and watching a movie. Right next to me. On the flight over, the boys sat together. But Branden got the window seat. And Noah of course got the aisle seat. Chalk that up to bossy older brother syndrome. @_@ On our flight back to Japan. Noah expressed how he'd like a turn to sit at the window too. I agreed! Fair is fair! It's not right to make Noah always sit in the crappy aisle seat while Bran gets the window 99% of the time. So, I said, I agree Noah's turn to get the window. Branden was like no, I want the window. And I was like...nope not happening buddy, fair is fair! And if mom has to jump in to ensure fairness. Then that's how I roll. I will jump in... if it's called for. My opinion, Branden should have sat in the aisle seat to make things even stevens! That's how I woulda handled it 100%. Otherwise he will never learn. However Noboru being the pushover. Maybe because he hadn't seen the kids for the past month or whatever. Said...Branden can sit with me and have the window and Noah can have the window. I didn't really agree with that at all. Because basically I felt Branden wins and doesn't learn *compromise* and to me...as parents we need to teach the values here. But...I relented. I didn't want to make a mountain outta a mole hill. Yes, of the 2 of us, I am the tougher stricter parent, for sure. Now next time we fly? They will each have to sit in the aisle seat once and each get a chance at the window seat. I won't let this happen again. It's just a matter of principle for me. So, I will be remembering this for next time. 

You can see they were both watching a movie and eating their meals. : )

I watched the end of Paranormal Activity Ghost Dimension or whatever. 

I next watched a movie, I had really wanted to see. Trainwreck with Amy Schumer.

This movie was hilarious! I loved this movie so much. And yes I would totally buy it on DVD. It was so funny, I was cracking up. I was able to watch the entire movie. Oh, I also forgot to say what I thought about Batman V Superman because I clearly went off on a tangent up above... about that rude couple, who trashed up the place and who had the super loud kids, who sat behind us. Sorry about that. What did I think about Superman V Batman? I thought it sucked! There's just no polite way to say it. I won't give you any spoilers but if you are worried...don't read below... I will say... someone was deliberately trying to get them to hate each other. Can't say who or I'll ruin it for you guys. Wonder Woman was in this movie for like a grand total of 5 minutes We didn't really get a clear story or even know who she was until later. Her outfit should have been more Linda Carter-y type Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman's costume used to look so American, red white and blue and her gold bracelets. This Wonder Woman's outfit was drab. If you grew up in the 80's and owned Wonder Woman Under Roos like I did. Because her outfit was so cool, that you wanted to wear it too? You would be most disappointed with this new outfit. Her costume didn't even look like Wonder Woman at all, so much so...I wondered...who is this? Again no real story line for her at all. They showed the Flash on a CCTV camera at a convenience store for like 2 seconds. Again no real story there. They showed Aquaman for like 1 millisecond again no real story there either or why they showed us the 1 second blurb. So many questions. The writing was truly awful. Not a real good story at all. I usually can say...1 positive thing about a movie. Like...I'm glad I saw it. But honestly...I wish I wouldn't have seen it. I wish I could rewind time and have picked Zootopia instead. Also the movie was about 30 minutes way too long. Okay...here is a sign...if during their most built up fight scene at the end....my mind was wandering...thinking..."wow I am so ready for this movie to be over now." then also thinking..." Hmm, we shoulda seen Zootopia"  Dude...if I am in the movie wishing I was watching something else...that is a clear tell tale sign....just how bad on the level on the scale of suck-ness this movie came in! Would never in my life... would I want to watch this movie again. Batman V Superman? Superman V Batman...whatever name comes first...at this point don't really care enough to check and see. Truly if you want to see it...wait for it on DVD. And if you're in Japan, save your 1,000 yen per person USA $10 bucks. So NOT worth it. 
So anyways, we arrived back home in Japan. We went to the Quarantine with our legal paperwork. To bring in our ham. You can see the approved sticker along the bacon. I whited it out. But, meats are allowed, you just have to know which meats and what documents you need. 10 years ago or so, we researched the crap out of it. Every time Noboru would be at Narita airport for work he'd go in and pay the quarantine folks a visit and double check. Until he knew 100% for sure what we needed to bring it in. Now we never have a problem. And it's legal. 

Mac and cheese.

Ricotta stuffed ravioli. I have tried the ravioli at Costco Japan and I really dislike those. So, I stock up whenever I am in Guam.

Noboru didn't have his Japan house keys while in Atlanta. But when he got back to Japan, he realized, our keys were the same model number for the lock and deadbolt lock. So, we kept 1 from Atlanta, pictured left and we switched the other for the same key type 66 but we switched the design to Chocolate M&Ms. So the deadbolt lock is the one on the left and the chocolate one is for the main house key. And we just gave the lady our keys and she put the master keys in a machine and the computerized cutter/shaper made exact duplicates. And the key cutting was free at the Home Depot in Guam. 

What we brought back from Guam the day before Easter. I took all these pictures in less then 30 minutes the second we got home from Guam. Because we had to run to Costco for the rotisserie chickens for Easter dinner. Etc.  

Easter things. Chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, yumm. Green apple Easter Grass from Twizzlers. Sixlets, these are old school right here. : ) And I always buy 2 Easter egg dying kits. 1 is always to stock up.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bars. These might replace Pop Tarts for us. These are just that good. And I know they sell the Reese's ones, can't wait to find those. : )


Chili beans. I plan to make nachos soon. 

Enchilada sauce, my favorite brand. 

Butter noodles. 13 of them. 

These are so good and only 98 cents.

Coffee creamer, Irish cream flavor. 

When I was last at Costco Japan, I was surprised that they sold marshmallow for 1600 yen? Or something like that. It was outrageously expensive. I couldn't believe the price. I'll have to try and take a pic. I forget the price but they were over $10 US. So, I bought 2 bags in Guam for like a dollar or two. And a box of blueberry muffins.

The main reason for going...pictured right here. Buffalo Wings seasoning, picked up at Cost U less. Brown gravy because pot roasts and mashed potatoes and gravy are happening for some Sunday dinners. And Progresso breadcrumbs for Chicken paremesan and meatballs. All things here bought at Cost U Less. The Progresso is double the size of a regular one and it's only like $1.50-$2 for the Italian bread crumbs. And a great deal. 

Lemonade will be happening once, May or June comes around. Perfect to take to the beach or wave pools.


The kids and I love the honey nut Chex Mix. 

Just a small bag of Reese's for our peanut butter ice cream. And 1 Snickers Peanut Butter squared, these are so good. 

Lawry's Garlic spread. Generic store brand Mrs. Butterworth's something called Rich and Buttery. And some BBQ sauce. The BBQ is for summer.


A big box, says over a 4 month supply? 
Tamps. I have the Pearl. lol. I also have 3 unopened boxes of Tampax Pearl here in my upstairs closet and it's just something I always need to have in stock here at home. : ) 

Douche, the 4 pack. In Island Splash. Women are unfresh after their TOM (time of the month) and I like to do something about it. My mom always did something about it. Every woman in my family was/is just always really big on being super clean. And so, I just follow suit.And I'm so glad I have just always kept myself clean. Everywhere.  

Toothpaste, the cinnamon one and these are the big huge size ones. Angry Birds toothbrushes for Noah. Bran uses adult toothbrushes now. And since the Angry Birds movie is coming up soon, this was a great repurchase. 

This smells so good. Aqua Di Gio knock offs. 2 tiny ones for Bran and the big one for Bran. Noah also asked for 1 small tiny one. But didn't push it or ask twice, he's just so polite. So, I know...he's monkey see monkey do... when it comes to following his older brother. So, I gave him 2 small ones. And I threw the 1 extra small one in the hall closet upstairs for whichever kid runs out first. : ) The small ones are under a dollar even. And the big one in like $3-4 bucks. So super cheap. : )

I keep seeing commercials for the new in shower body lotions. The concept just blew my mind when I saw them back in December. But when I saw some YouTuber mention it on her monthly favorites back in January or February. I thought, I should try that. I picked up the cocoa butter scent because I liked that better, than the regular scent. And since Noah has such dry skin, he's been using this the most. I use it too, but he's been using it ever since. Bran doesn't suffer dry skin so he's lucky. And he doesn't want to use this. : ) But he could if he wanted. : ) 

Noboru's 2 on the left. And Bran still has a ton of deodorants at home so he didn't want any. Even though he was offered some. So, I bought the 3 on the right, for myself. This is Bran's scent and I did ask if I could copy. But...this smells like CK1 and smells very unisex, very light and clean. Where as most women's deodorants smell of raspberries, coconuts, baby powder, melon. And in the Japanese heat of summer...I just can't stand that smell in the heat. So, I prefer a clean light unisex smell. Which is why I switched to men's deodorants. Plus I always buy deodorants that are also antiperspirants. So not only do they stop you from having wetness but also stop you from having odor. Deodorant is such a personal thing, so if you find one you like, stick with it. : ) I used to have a favorite one from the Secret Mineral lines years ago called Lemongrass mint. It smelled just clean and nice. Not like fruit, thank goodness. But they discontinued that. And ever since then, I have been using men's deodorant. 

After Italian that night, I purchased 1 lipstick and 1 blush. From MAC.

The Mineralize Blush in the shade Warm Soul. This is a cult classic. And for good reason. I also picked up the lipstick in Viva Glam 2.

Soft natural. No bright pink or bright red cheeks. Just a natural soft glow. 

A very MLBB shade.

After passing the TSA's at the Guam airport, I went to the MAC counter in the airport looking if they had the other 2 shades of lipstick, that the DFS was out of. They had 1 of the 2. So, I bought the 1 they had.

With a name like modesty you know this is going to be a MLBB shade. It's a very modest color. 

I am really happy with my 2 new MAC lippies.

Toilet stuff. Toilet tabs twin packs are like a dollar or 2. The hanging fresh things are definitely 1 dollar.

The Gap Spring/Summer order was at my dad's waiting for me to get there. 

I only place orders when Gap and Old Navy is having a sale of 30%-40% off. Two pair of turtle flip flops for Branden pictured far right.

I thought this T-shirt was so funny. 

The T Shirts Noah got this year. A surf beach gray tee. Another ocean picture in the navy one with shark teeth surrounding the picture, perfect for my 10 year old. The pale yellow one with funny monkey on it wearing headphones. And the palm tree tee with orange sky, will be perfect for Noah's orange Uniqlo shorts he got last month. 

This shirt is also perfect for Noah. 

Noah swim suit this year, this surf board rash guard with matching flip flops and striped preppy rugby striped board shorts/trunks.
Big patch at the knee for me, I got a cool new pair of boyfriend jeans.
Better details of Noah's tops...

Bran's flip flops. The problem we had this time around with shopping for Bran online. #1, with Bran being in men's sizes now, for shorts he needs to try them on in the actual store now, because some shorts say slim some don't say slim at all. So again...he needs to try them on in store now. And for tops, I wanted to buy Bran like 4 tees from Gap but the men's Gap tees said...the length stops at the hip. Isn't that too short? Branden hates too short tees. And the fact is said point blank...the length stops at the hip. Made Branden and I VERY hesitant to purchase. I said if you want em, I'll order them. He came and read where it said, "stops at the hip."Top of hip. And he looked at the pic of the model and was like...you know what. I'll buy in person. And I have to say, I agree. You know I am always firm about the whole even Stevens. But...I won't buy... if it's just to buy and he won't wear it. So...better we just buy Bran's in person. But Bran did get these in size men's 9 and size 10. So in 2 sizes. And were just a couple bucks each, but are super cute.

These are my current loves of the moment. I heart these so much. I have been living in these! These definitely do run big... so size down 1 size. I hate when people say that and it's not true. But for these it's true. But these are too cute. And come summer I'll be wearing these with flip flops. Lately I have been wearing with black low top Converse. 

I also picked up a pair of these. These ran true to size. And the longer I live in Japan, the longer my shorts get. Hahaha. I actually like this conservative length on my shirts. and you can still be cute with a fitted tee and low top converse or cute sandals. 

I also picked up a pair of khaki shorts in this longer length. Maybe if I lived in America I'd buy a shorter length short, but with living in Japan. I prefer a 9 inch length. It's just more conservative. And I actually prefer it now. These shorts I will pair with my jean jacket and low top converse and a fitted tee this will be perfect in Spring. 
Because Easter was 1 day away this was $11 US. I'm not kidding. I was like...what???? @_@ For that price, she's coming home with me. : ) I carried her on the airplane with me, like a princess, hahaha. 

It's big, it looks small-ish in this pic, but it is bigger than Aretha by a dot/hair. I am getting quite the wreath collection. : ) I love them, I find they really make a house a home. : ) As cornball as that sounds. : ) 
We got home around noon. We landed around 11:20am. And by 3pm we were done shopping at Costco. 
We had a very early dinner around 3:45pm. We went to Coco Ichiban curry in Inzai/Chiba New Town. The kids and I each had the chicken tenderloin curry. Noboru had the pork cutlet curry. And we just sat and enjoyed dinner. It was a fun couple days. And Easter was the next day. And we were just enjoying our time together. So anyways, that is the long and short of our Guam trip!

Anything new to add? The boys both start school tomorrow. Noah gets out at 11am. And Branden has a full day. I have a hair appointment tomorrow at 10am. For a cut and color. And that's about it really. Noboru will be at home tomorrow until the evening. So he will be able to drop me off at the salon, drive to our tiny town and back to the small city where my hair salon is, that I go to. And by the time he gets back with Noah, I am sure I will be done. We 3 have a lunch date together, that's why. Otherwise I would have driven myself and Noboru has his own car, the minivan. But we have a lunch plan, so that's why. : ) Anyway, that's enough for now. : )