Monday, March 07, 2016

What's in my makeup bag, March 2016...

Good morning! I haven't shared what makeup products I have been using and loving in about 8 months or so. So, I figured what a perfect time to update you all right now real quick. Every morning, I wash my face with my cleanser and a hot wash cloth and then I moisturize and put my sunscreen on for the day. Sometimes I stop right there and don't wear any makeup (about 3-4 times a week). If I am staying at home all day, I won't wear makeup. But usually if I am even heading to the one and only grocery store in town, I will at least put on some foundation and concealer and powder and some brow mascara you know, to be a bit more presentable. Just depends where I am going each day really. But imagining I am going out with a friend for lunch or going to the small city nearest me. Let me show you what I do every day, for days like that. My going out and about all day long face. After face lotion, I wait a few minutes to let that sink in. And then I use my primer. I use one by Benefit, called The Porefessional, pictured here. For those of you with normal to dry skin this is a wonderful primer. It covers all pores and creates a nice base before you put on foundation, I like this. For those of you with oily skin though, Benefit just came out with a new version for oily skin. It's getting a bit of buzz on YouTube but since I am normal to dry. I won't be needing that new primer geared for oily skin since that's not the skin type, I have. I wait a few minutes for my primer to set and then I put my foundation on. Since July 2015, when I picked these both foundations up in Honolulu, Hawaii. These are my 2 favorite at the moment foundations. Naked Skin by Urban Decay is a high end foundation, I bought it at Sephora at the Ala Moana shopping mall. The color match it perfect. It feels super light. I really like this. I usually use this, if I am going out to lunch with friends. I use this on observation days. When I met my in-laws at New Year's. I know this personally gives my face a really lovely look. It isn't drying and doesn't look cakey. Would I repurchase the Naked Skin? Maybe. But, I still want to try other high end foundations too. So while the Urban Decay is a wonderful foundation. I am still going to try other high end foundations. So good, but not sure I would repurchase, just because I'd like to try other high end foundations too. I will use it all though because I do love it and it looks really good. The Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation. Is my favorite drugstore foundation. I bought, 4 drugstore foundations this past July, while on Oahu. And out of the 4, this one is my most favorite. You know, to be frank with you. Living in Japan. And with having western skin coloring and stuff, it is hard to buy foundations and whatnot. And with only going on vacation once a year. It's like, I *better* research. I better know *exactly* what I am buying. It's like pressure you know. Because that 10 day vacation... goes by in a blink. So, I do have to bring my A-game with me research wise. So, I decided last year I wanted to find 1 holy grail ride or die drugstore foundation and 1 holy grail ride or die high end foundation. And then they would be chosen. They would be... best for my skin type (meaning dry, normal, oily, ykwim) and the search would be done and over with. It seems that everyone who KNOWS cosmetics rec'd the Neutrogena one. It was compared to the Nars Sheer Glow. Everyone basically said it doesn't break out anyone. It gives this wonderful look to skin. And so, I had written that name down. And I made sure to throw it in the cart at Target while in Oahu last July. How do, I feel about the Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation? I love it! Would I repurchase it? Absolutely in a heart beat! I love the shade/color match. I love how my skin looks while wearing this. It does not break me out. And I have skin that does break out to certain ingredients. When I am just zipping here or there, or to the small city nearest me or even to my one and only grocery store in town. I am 99% of the time wearing this. I love this. I can understand why everyone loves this. This could be holy grail status for me for the drugstore foundation. Granted, if you have oily skin the Neutrogena one wouldn't be for you. However, if you have normal skin or dry skin. This makes your skin look radiant and amazing. There is so shimmer or glitter particles. It just makes you look amazing though.I will definitely be repurchasing the Neutrogena Healthy Skin for sure. After my foundation is on. I put on some concealer. I use and love this Maybelline Instant age rewind. It doesn't look drying near my under eye area and I appreciate that. The coverage is amazing and I frankly don't see the need to buy a high end concealer when this does the job so well. To powder, I just pat on some Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. This is perfect for normal to dry skin, it is a powder that won't dry your face out to looking like a cakey mummified person. Your skin will glow and look healthy. Again no shimmer particles in that either. 

The shades, I use. I'm a Mac NC 20-25 for reference. Neutrogena Healthy Skin in the color nude shade 40. Urban Decay foundation in 3.0. If this helps at all. Urban Decays shade numbering system is easy. 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 etc... the numbers that end in point 0. .0 are yellow toned. The colors/shades that end in point 5. .5 are pink based. So if you are pink toned look for a .5 if you are yellow based look for a .0 shade. I'm yellow toned so I wear 3.0.

Okay, so after my skin is done and I just have on primer, foundation and concealer and setting powder. I then, do my eyebrows and line my top lash line. For my brows, I use a brow mascara by Nature Republic (Korean brand) and Dolly Wink, liquid eyeliner in the color dark brown, I think dark brown looks less harsh than black. Looks more natural. And that brand is Japanese. I then do my cheeks with Too Faced blush in a really natural neutral shade. I don't like overly bright pink or red blushes or bright orange blushes either. Just very muted neutral blushes. I don't want my makeup to scream at anyone, if you know what I mean. I then do my eyes with either the Naked original palette or the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. The eyeshadow palettes and blush were bought from Sephora. I love the Chocolate bar palette because it reminds me a lot of the Avon lip balm packaging when I was a little girl growing up. So for that reason alone, I *love* this. But the color pigment is really great too though. So, the chocolate bar palette makes me smile. And it smells like chocolate by the way too. : )

Close-up of my brow mascara and my liquid eyeliner.

The shade of blush I use. 

Just a very neutral natural color. Nothing over the top. And while some people use a blush and contour every day. I don't, I just use a neutral shade of blush. I find, I don't use contour at all. I have one, I just don't use it. The blush is plenty enough for me. : )

For mascaras, currently I am using Kate Long Lash and the Lash King by Majolica Majorca. My first impression of the Lash King was hate. Serious total hate. But after getting a paper towel and wiping my wand of all excess stuff. It has been fine now. Am, I in love? Meh. They're okay. I'll switch brands and types until I find my HG. Holy grail. However these aren't bad. And I am enjoying using both. 

Black eyeliners for my waterline. I very very rarely use black eyeliner for my waterline. Seriously maybe 5 times a year? I just don't find myself doing it much anymore. A few years back, I did. But now days not so much. I think it's just a little intense for me. However, I do have 1 high end one, the Nars one in black. And I have 2 affordable drugstore ones. And I'll just say it, like it is. The 2 drugstore ones are *way* better than the Nars one. Why? Because the Nars one smudges and doesn't stay put! Where as the Maybelline Master drama one and NYX Tres Jolie gel pencil liner one stay put! So many people on YouTube say the Maybelline one or the NYX one in silver is their straight up holy grail. And I see that and I agree. Those go on your waterline and stay there.  

I have so many lipsticks here at home. Many Mac, Nars, Too Faced. However, these 3 are my favorite everyday shades and these live permanently in my bag. Loreal Glossy Balm in 200 Lovely Mocha. NYX in the shade Tiramisu and an Urban Decay one. So 2 drugstore and 1 higher end. 

In the color, naked. Clearly I like a barely there lip. A naked lip, so to speak. : )

Yep, MLBB lippies are my ride or die shades. "My lips but better" shades. Again, I just don't ever want my makeup to scream at any of you. I prefer a subtle, less is more type a look. 

The Makeup Geek. Is fantastic and I love her videos. And look at those numbers. Over 2 million people watched that video. Best drugstore makeup of all time! See the picture? Yes that is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation. And so yes over 2 million people know how good that Neutrogena foundation is. The Healthy Skin one. And it really is an amazing foundation! This Neutrogena foundation can compete with any of the high end foundations even. It's THAT good. And again? Am I suggesting any of you to buy it? Nope, but I'm saying and just mentioning...I did my research and yes. This is a very well known drugstore foundation. And I will most *definitely* be repurschasing it. This could actually be my holy grail drugstore foundation. Seriously you guys. It's THAT good. I know Milani just came out with a new foundation a month or two ago and it is getting lots of buzz right now. Sure I could have Noboru pick me up one of those. And sure that Maybelline Dream Soft Matte Hydrating is also getting lots of buzz too. But honestly. They sound interesting. But from what I hear only about 65% of the ladies, like the Milani one and I hear it oxidizes too (gets darker as the day goes on, yikes). @_@ And frankly...drugstore foundation wise, I am just really happy with the Neutrogena one. So I really am not feeling like trying out any other drugstore foundations right now. The Neutrogena one... just has me totally content.

The gorgeous and amazing Serein Wu. She's one of my all time favorite beauty vloggers on YouTube by the way. I also would highly recommend anyone interested to watch her videos. She is amazing. And deserves more subscribers. hopefully more of you will check her out since I am rec'ding her. Now she prefers high end foundations. She says that on her channel. However, as far as drugstore foundations goes, she too loves the Neutrogena Healthy Skin. Her opinions are honest and she wouldn't say it, if she didn't feel that way. I will be linking all my favorite beauty vloggers that I mentioned today. But, again I am crediting them. Saying how everyone should definitely check them out. And what wonderful beauty gurus they are...and hey..if they like this Neutrogena foundation and give it the thumbs up. It's definitely worth a try. So credit given 100%. And if she strongly prefers high end foundations yet gives this Neutrogena one the green light. Then is good.
These were the other 3 foundations I brought back from Honolulu last July. The one of the far left. It's more geared for normal to oily... to combo skin and I felt it made me look dry and cakey a tad. The one in the center the Loreal Lumi.  My skin twin picked this shade. And it is Loreal's most yellow shade, but for me personally, I felt it was still too pink toned for my skin, I feel the center Lumi one is too pink for my skin tone. And I won't be repurchasing the 2 on the left. The far left one is too drying for my skin type and the center one was way too pink for my yellow toned skin. The Revlon Color Stay for normal to dry skin which is also highly rec'd. And it is a good foundation and the staying power is awesome. The look on my skin is awesome. However, again, I feel it is a bit, a pinch... too neutral and not yellow enough for a perfect shade match for me. It's a 95% color match to me, but I'm really picky about getting a 100% color match so, I might repurchase the Revlon one but it's not a total home run for me. Would I repurchase any of these 3? Umm, maybe...maybe the Revlon Color Stay for normal to dry skin, the one on the far right. But only maybe though. I wish the color was a bit more yellow toned. For me personally the Neutrogena one was a perfect match for me, color wise and skin type wise. 
If you are lucky enough to live in America, you probably do not need a skin twin at all. Meaning you can waltz into Target any ol' week you'd like for infinity. However with living in Japan, I realized last year that I actually have a skin twin. What do I mean by a skin twin? Same color skin (color), shade and tone exactly. And I do mean spot on exactly. It's this amazing person right here KathleenLights. And same same exact skin type (dry). I have watched her videos for a few years but it didn't really hit me... until last year in January 2015. That hey!!! We're skin twins. It's a bit weird I didn't realize it until then. She has dry skin. I have dry skin. And she's got light skin. Not fair skin or porcelain. and same for me too. I have light skin, but I'm not porcelain either though. And her skin tone is yellow. And so is mine. Yet, I sat there for a good 2 years never...clicking in my head. It wasn't until last year. When someone asked her... her Mac shade. And I thought quietly, wow that's the I am. And then I thought, hmm, I use the same Urban Decay Naked skin shade as her too. And then another foundation..I thought hmm...I use this same shade too. And blammo it clicked. And then she was going on about her dry skin. And I thought... me too. And then I thought! I am so lucky. I have an actual skin twin! Why is that lucky you ask? Well because she buys a lot of foundations a year. For her dry skin. Same shade exactly as me. If she likes one. And strongly recommends it. I don't have to wait at Ala Moana mall at Sephora to find a good makeup artist to shade match me. I can just go into the store.. throw it into my little shopping basket and done and done, Head to the beach. Without spending hours determining a color match. Thank you KathleenLights. You are now even 200% more awesome and cool. So for me...thank the heavens I have a skin twin, color, shade and skin type (dry), yep me without makeup on, my skin tone and color is exactly this. This just saves me heaps of time. Thanks to my skin twin. : ) 

Luckily for me... my skin twin made a video showing all her favorite foundations for her dry skin. She had said on the video, this is her dead on perfect match. And I said, thank you for saying that! And yes, Noboru picked me up the same shade. Thank you skin twin... for helping me get my birthday makeup goodies. See? Totally awesome having a skin twin. : )  Serein Wu has skin 1 shade darker than me and she has normal to combo skin so again, not a match. But I dig her videos, I dig what she likes, what she says and she's straight to the point. She's worth watching, she's fun to watch. Young Wild and Polished, I love her videos but her skin shade is about 4 shades darker than mine and she has oily skin, so again not a skin twin. However, I still love her videos, she makes me laugh a lot. But, I do take them with a grain of salt since we have very different coloring and a different skin type. MannyMUA, has the same coloring/skin shade as me, but he has oily skin, so an almost skin twin but more like fraternal twins, lol. : ) And again, I am not copying their pictures saying they're mine, you know I'm not like that at all. If anything... more people will see here and click and subscribe to them since I also am mentioning them here. I know you all know exactly what I mean. I am just saying how amazing these folks are. And again I will be linking them all at the end.

Yep, I happen to have this same exact color, she uses. 

One of her most favorite drugstore foundations. The Neutrogena one. And again they wouldn't be saying this, if it wasn't good. And this foundation the Neutrogena Healthy Skin is really truly a fabulous one. Beauty guru's are pretty honest. If they love a product they will say it and if they hate it, they'll say that too. Seriously though for a drugstore foundation this Neutrogena healthy skin is perfect for normal to dry skin. 

And she's not a stingy vlogger. She wants to help anyone with the same coloring as her and she lists all her foundation shades. So if there are any possible skin twins, they can get her help. And this list right here. It pretty valuable to me. Please definitely check her out. Vloggers mentioned. KalthleenLights. Serein Wu. MakeupGeek, and MannyMua. They have no idea how much they help us ladies living overseas who don't always have access to a Target, Walmart or Walgreens. So a huge thank you and a huge...please check them out. And subscribe if you haven't already. : )
The beautiful and gorgeous Rose Byrne, actress not beauty vlogger. She always looks gorgeous and her makeup is always flawless. Very natural and low key, the same type a look, I strive for.. just very low key. And she's a brunette. So a definite thumbs up. : ) Anyway, so those are the makeup products I am currently using. In a nutshell, I really like my current high end foundation, the Urban Decay one, called Naked Skin. And I am flat out *loving* the Neutrogena Healthy Skin drugstore foundation. Quite possibly holy grail status, for me. I'll keep you updated. : ) And I will be trying 3 new to me, high end foundations as soon as Noboru gets back home to Japan.