Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

Happy Throwback Thursday everyone! Today's TBT is going to be a cool mix of pics from March 2010. Here is Noah being a typical silly kindy kid, while fishing with his daddy and his brother. This pic was taken in our town. It's the area where the elementary school kids run their "marathon" at every year. 

It's very important for Noah and his brother to spend time with their dad. Boys need to have that male role model growing up, it's so important! Their bonding guy time. Noboru loves fishing, so he takes the kids fishing with him often when it's Noboru's fishing season.

Same day, we had a backyard family BBQ. That's one thing that's great about having your own backyard in rural Japan. The freedom to have a BBQ or freedom to play and run and jump and swing in the privacy of your own backyard any old time you'd like. Just...whatever... you know what I mean, it's so nice. : ) 

We've never let any rain stop us! And boy does a fresh charcoal BBQ smell amazing. 

Eat up kiddos! : ) And tell me all your funny fishing stories. : )

Just a nice simple little family BBQ. 
Another day! In March 2010! Noah had mastered riding his bicycle without training wheels while still in yochien/kindergarten! We let him practice until Summer with Branden's old bike. And after he worked out all the kinks. And had no more spills or drops. We bought Noah a brand new bicycle. But we waited until Summer...because we knew he would be crashing a few times before he got it down 100%. Which was super smart. : )  
Big smiles, Noah loved not having those loud training wheels anymore. : )

Again more fishing for Noboru and sons! : ) This time they went fishing in the small city nearest us. 

The boys getting that "dad and son quality time" : ) I just sat on a nice big fluffy blanket on the grass and observed and I also brought along a tabloid/ magazine. And let Noboru do his own thing with the boys. They fished. They put worms on hooks. They caught fish. Chatted with fellow fisherman, mainly grandpa types near Noboru and the boys. : ) And basically had a great day. : )

Another day captured in March 2010. The boys playing with an Anpanman ball. In our backyard. Just goofing around basically being silly boys. Getting all their kid excess energy out...while outside. : ) 
And another day captured in March 2010. A visit from grandpa. My dad and a smiling Branden.

Noah and grandpa running around like maniacs. And basically having a blast during grandpas visit. The kids absolutely adore my dad. : )

Final pic from today's TBT, my dad walking Noah into our Roman Catholic yochien. The kindergarten Noah and also Bran went to/attended.  And that's basically it really...just a misc, picture collage from March 2010! : )

Update from now: We are packed and ready for Guam already. The kids get out of school today at 11am and go on Spring break from 11am today (for us Americans) and end of the school year (for us in Japan) I call it both ways because I am flexible like that...just depending who I am speaking with. I can't say when we are leaving detail-wise and when we are coming back specifically, just for privacy, ykwim. Not that anyone really cares... but's better to be safe than sorry, if you know what I mean. But we are leaving soon-ish, let's put it that way. And I'll be more specific after we're back and stuff. Bran and Noah are pretty excited. We're going to go to 1 movie while there, we have it narrowed down to Batman VS Superman or Zootopia. We have seen previews to both and they both look like fantastic movies. I think the boys are leaning more towards Batman VS Superman for now. I'll let them decide. : ) I think for us, for our little family of 4... to be able to get away for a few days and just unwind and sorta celebrate being back together again. It's going to be really nice. My dad is ready to see us and hang out with us and we are too. Anything else to add? I had my birthday this week. It was really *really* awesome. Just very laid back and chill. We 4 went out to dinner to celebrate, we had an amazing ice cream birthday cake from Nagano, at home afterwards. Just a nice little quiet family birthday. I love quiet low key birthdays like this. My favorite type of birthday. : )