Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Throwback Thursday, Easter 2013...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day today everyone! And Happy TBT today too! : ) Today's throwback takes us back to March 2013! Yet another Easter Hippity Hoppity theme! Since Easter is coming up soon! : ) Noboru, Branden and Noah. We always look forward to decorating and coloring the eggs! This year (pictured) we colored our eggs the day before, this was on Saturday! Just an afternoon, the whole family coloring and decorating some eggs.  

Hi Noah! : )

Hi Bran! : )

I made hot (baked) pepperoni sandwiches and we had cheesy baked potatoes on the side. 

See that melted ooey gooey cheese! These are so good. After they come out of the oven, just add some fresh crispy clean lettuce and yum, ready to eat! : ) 

Colorful eggs drying, while we enjoyed our family dinner that night! Living in the moment, yes totally and loving every minute of it. However creating the fun memories too! : ) 

A simple but delicious dinner. Love making this sandwich on a fresh bakery baguette. 

The next morning, Easter Sunday! I always try and make it special for the boys! Whether that means, I fly to Guam and bring back some Easter goodies. Or I receive a thoughtful Easter care package from my family. Either way, but the focus is on, making sure I do my best to make every Easter super special for the boys. : )

Good morning, my sweet boys! Happy Easter. : )

Sure do love you guys! : ) To the moon and back, like I say to you both, every night before bed! : )

Easter eggs 2013!

Nameko egg! A character in Japan, he was all the rage back then! : ) He's a mushroom, btw.

A tisket a tasket, someone drew an Easter basket! : )

Easter dinner! The salt on the table is for the Easter eggs. : ) 

Are ya'll enjoying your supper? : ) 

Anyway, that was today's TBT, Easter 2013! : )

Any update from today? I did send Noah to school wearing green today! Even though, I don't think anyone in Japan would pinch anyone, who isn't wearing green. Just something not really well known here in Japan. But still, to be safe, Noah still wore green. : ) The 6th graders graduate elementary school tomorrow/Friday. So Noah and the entire school gets out tomorrow at 11:30am. So Noah has a half day of school tomorrow. Think, I'm going to take Noah on a date tomorrow for lunch. It also means I will only be packing 1 lunch tomorrow, for BrannyB. Spoke to Ru tonight. Since this is his last Wednesday in America they went to Joe's Crab Shack, yet again! For that... all you can eat crab! He said it was so good! He sent me so many pics from dinner. : ) As for us here in Japan. Tonight, I am making American style fried pork chops, some fettuccine noodles on the side and some broccoli and we will also be having some salad as well. I will be sure to take a pic. Noah gets out of school today at 3pm and Bran at 4pm today. I washed all the kitchen mats and they're drying outside on the laundry pole. And the bath tub mat, you know the one you pat your feet dry with. And 1 dress shirt/ uniform JHS shirt of Bran's and 1 gym shirt of Bran's too. Oh and last but not least, I have Noboru's yellow and white stripe towel flapping in the breeze outside too. I wanted to refresh it before my sweetie pie returns back home. : ) I sent him a pick via LINE and said..."refreshin' your towel"...he said, "aww thanks" LOL. He's going to Target tomorrow after his training. I remembered 2 last little things, (food-wise) so he's going to try and pick those up after training. Sweet husband, best husband. : ) Anyway that's enough for now. : )