Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter 2016...

I hope everyone had a nice Easter! Ate plenty of Easter chocolates, colored many eggs. Hid and found many eggs. If you go to mass, hope you enjoyed that. As for where we live, we don't live in a big city or city at all... for that matter... we live in a true rural town. There is zip for churches in my town. However there is 1 Catholic church in the small city nearest us, where my kids used to go to school. However they have no English mass. I went and tried mass once in Japanese there and I felt really stressed out. I knew and said the prayers in English while everyone said them in Japanese. I just felt really lost...and considering church should be a place of comfort...I just felt really out of my element having it be all in Japanese. My nearest English mass would be in Tokyo which...would be a 4 hour round trip from my house. So no thanks. I'm happy that we have American TV here at my house and I can catch a nice Catholic mass in the comfort of my own home, any time I want. So, that's how we roll here at our house. : )  So, I got to enjoy my English mass at home. It was a lovely holiday spent with family and loved ones! We had a nice quiet little Easter here at home. We had gotten back from Guam, just the day before, on Saturday. So we were back from our trip. A fully restocked pantry. And we were all in good cheer over here! A couple day delay. I am sorry. But, with the boys being on Spring break, I am just relaxing and enjoying hanging with my family here at home, therefore haven't been online too much. I do however have 2 big posts to post. Soon-ish, though I'm not in any rush either. Plus the TBT. Easter Sunday, the boys woke to a full Easter basket each. 

We usually color our Easter eggs on Saturday/the day before. However since we were flying in an airplane the day before.... to get back home to Japan. And then unpacked at home and hopped into Olive and drove to Costco to pick up 2 rotisserie chickens. 1 for Easter dinner. Therefore, this year we didn't color our eggs until Easter Sunday. No worries, the boys always look forward to coloring the eggs.

They kept trading colors between the both of them. And Bran was waiting for his eggs to get darker and brighter. His eggs were soaking. : ) And 3 waiting to go and take a dip. : )

Egg-cellent job Noah!

Decoration time.

They both were making spring symbols. And both were making a ladybug. Noah had a chocolate lady bug (pictured) near the crayons that he was using as his model. : )
Branden's really artistic and his came our egg-cellent. Meanwhile Noah's was a great effort. Branden said, "Noah yours looks like... half ladybug half turtle" "Yours has turtle legs" Noah cracked up laughing (pictured here) he doesn't take it personally. I was thinking half lady bug/ half stag beetle? But again an A for effort. And it's all in fun, it's not like we're giving out awards or anything here. : )  By the way this picture just reminded me but seriously though...Noah has the whitest and most straightest teeth!!! He has amazing teeth! Really gorgeous teeth!Straight no gaps. White. Shaped right. Never had a cavity, neither boy has ever had a cavity. Anyways....moving along...

Noah listening to his brother when I snapped this picture.

Branden and Noah's Easter Eggs 2016! : )
Easter dinner. The whole gangs back together again! You can clearly see the 3 of them are clearly cracking up in this picture. We were cracking up, hard ya'll. If you could be a fly on our wall. All the funny and hilarious conversations, you would hear. Again because we just got back the day before. I didn't make... like this whole elaborate meal. Because time just didn't allow for it. However we had a rotisserie chicken, which I did throw in the oven for 45 minutes to reheat and recrisp the skin. It looks darker in this picture but it was tender, juicy and amazing. We had homemade mashed potatoes. Gravy. Broccoli and a big salad from Costco bought the day before. What did I do with the other rotisserie chicken? I made homemade taquitos, the night after. So Monday night and boy.... were they good. I took pics too. : )  Back to Easter dinner, I thought Easter dinner 2016 was a success and not too shabby, considering we just got back the day before. : )

Now all eyes were on Noah, he was speaking and his dad is smiling, so is Bran. we just had a pretty nice dinner, great conversation as always and a nice but simple Easter meal. : )

My plate from Easter dinner 2016! I hope you all had an amazing Easter as well. Oh and by the way, we hid the eggs throughout the downstairs, 3 times this year. Before we turned the eggs into egg salad! Noboru and I hid the eggs in such hard places, that there were 2 eggs the kids could not find. We had to show them, where the 2 missing eggs were hiding.  : )