Tuesday, February 02, 2016

What's up over here...

Last Friday, Noah came home from school beaming, just beaming you guys! He and the rest of his class had made miso paste a while back, but last Friday each and everyone from their class brought home a container of it. His teacher and he and his class made labels and everything. Noah said so proudly..."it looks like it came from the store mama!" : ) Awww. I told Noah, "oh yes, I see that...it looks *so* professional." I said. "Will you use it", he asked? "Oh of course!!!" How could I not! : ) "Remember when Bran made some with his class?" "Yes", he said as he held on tightly to his miso paste. This package right here. : ) I did black out the name of the school and their class's name for the project this year. : ) I am planning to make miso chicken this week. Tomorrow  actually is when we will be having it. : ) But we will be sure to use up every last dot of this, so I imagine we will be having miso chicken and miso pork quite a bit, until we finish it. : ) It makes the boys so proud, when I use it. : ) 
What oh... what did I do yesterday? Monday. Well, first thing, is I woke up at 5:30am. Had a hot coffee, and read through my emails. Read any online news etc. And then at 5:50am, went upstairs, woke up Bran first, and then Noah. Laid out Noah's outfit. Made sure his gym bagged was packed and contents were packed away. Yes they were, I just always have him pack his bag and books the night before, just to be safe. And I went downstairs. It's 6am-ish now. I go in the kitchen and turn on the radio. Listen to some tunes. And make 2 lunches. Have the lunches packed and sitting in the genkan by 6:30am. The boys come downstairs unload the dishwasher, their chore every morning. And they eat. Cereal and toast. Get them sent to school. And come home. Vacuum the downstairs right away. Looks like it badly needs it. Swish the downstairs toilet. Do 20 minutes on my treadmill. Not jogging but brisk walking. Turn it off and run upstairs, jump in the shower. Wash and condition my hair, wash my body and face. Get out of the shower, put my facial moisturizer on right away and I now have a towel on my head. And I get dressed. Go in the sink area upstairs put some foundation on, concealer, Mac Mineralize powder, some blush and do my eyebrows. Blow dry my hair. Grab my phone and leave. I go to a discount grocery store first, they have cheap drinks and cheap snacks. I then go to Cainz, then to the cheap meat store and the regular grocery store and head home. I do pick up snacks for the boys to have at home because duh...there's kids here. And they come home sometimes from school, super hungry sometimes not hungry at all. And if they should want a snack, I like to have one. Rice crackers. Some cola gummies and some cookies. 

These are probably my favorite cookie in Japan. Cookie on one side and chocolate on the other. However it's not just some random cookie or some random chocolate that make these so good. The flavor of this cookie is so good. Such a high quality cookie, like a *very* good cookie. and the chocolate is the most creamiest and smooth...high quality chocolate. These are just so good. And definitely worth a try. These are really good though. : )

Last week, when I was at Costco in Inzai/Chiba New Town, while I was shopping at Cainz. I went to get a can or two of that super cheap salsa, pictured here. And was totally surprised that Cainz in Inzai no longer carries it at all. Why??? I am not sure but, gee whiz, this was like 117 yen like about $1 US. So cheap and very good. This worried me a lot because I wondered, did they pull it at the other Cainz stores? So, I did run immediately to Cainz after the discount store, yesterday to check. They still carry it. And to be safe...I bought 7 of them. Hope they don't pull this product. After this, I zipped myself to the cheap meat store. 

I bought a lot of meat. A lot of meat. Chicken for miso chicken. : ) And wings for wing night. Pork, beef. A weeks worth and then went to the regular grocery store. I bought myself 2 days worth of breakfast stuff for me, pictured here and 2 days of lunch stuff for myself as well. The expiration date on the pizza is Feb 5th or 6th and since it was barely Feb 1st. I thought that's a definite buy. Also bought some pineapple because I like to eat fresh fruit.

Salad for 2 nights of dinners. The baby mixed leaf was marked down. Again didn't expire, but was close to the date and was fine with me. : ) We had half of it last night with supper and will finish it with tonight's dinner as well. : )

The kids get a packed filling lunch by me daily for school. But breakfasts as I have stated on my blog for years, week-day breakfasts have to be quick and fast. There are Reese's Peanut Butter cup cereal, Jif peanut butter cereal, here to offer as well as Pop Tarts. But, I also buy snack breads and yogurts. That way it just leaves more options available for the kids in the morning.

Drinks for the kids. This is 650 yen or so for the case and it's tea with no sugar. Mugicha.

Cider was 100 yen and the Fantas were 118 yen. That's why it's called the cheap drink store by our family. Hahaha. : )  And we don't drink sodas every single night...but hey it's not torture-ville here either... but again we will have soda with dinner 3 nights the next week.  

Frozen veggies, ginger and garlic is for the miso chicken, I am making tomorrow. : ) Cheese is for grilled cheese for lunch and sauces, we always use the sauces. I came home yesterday after running all my errands and I had lunch at home. And got dinner prep underway right away. Rice made and set. And the meal prepped up and then swung around and picked up Noah after school. Bran rode his bike home with his friends from JHS yesterday. 
This morning, as soon as the boys went to school. I bleached the green counter down. And put the lunch dishes from this morning, that I just made and packed up...but the pans and whatnot...went into the dishwasher, right away. And then I vacuumed the downstairs. Just vacuumed yesterday but in 24 hours time... it was crazy all over again so I needed to vacuum the downstairs. And this bleach right here. First thing I did wash, I bleached the downstairs toilet. Threw the toilet mat into the quick wash and then hung it outside this morning on my laundry poles. I scrubbed and scoured the downstairs toilet this morning. After it was bleached, I then Mighty Duck-ed the toilet after that. I then vacuumed the stairs. 

Door handles. Thank goodness for those Kirkland antibacterial wipes. I wipe our handles in our house, once a week. Many kids at Bran's JHS have influenza right now. And he told me yesterday they said if 8 more kids come down with the flu, the entire JHS will be canceled. @_@ My kids get the flu shot early every year. So, I feel semi safe, but again it's not 100% and just to be safe...especially in winter, I like to wipe all our handles down. 
Vacuuming the stairs this morning. The house is looking all in order. Tomorrow, I will hit the upstairs. And also marinate the miso chicken early tomorrow morning. 

Oh and this is sort of funny. You know the town knows your... general schedule when they bring you the kodomo kai (kids club) booklet to my car while waiting at the plaza for the boys to get out of school last Friday. : )  Hahaha. It was my good friend, who lives a 1 minute walk from my house, she has a boy and girl twin who are Noah's age and in Noah's class. We always see each other Monday-Friday at the plaza as we pick up our kids. I do not wear makeup every single day. I do wear some... if I am running to a shop or store because I want to be presentable and don't want to look all busted and tired and haggard looking. But honestly...when I am just home...like today, I am not wearing a stitch of makeup. So...I was just happy that last Friday, I did have eyebrow mascara and some Neutrogena foundation on at least. That way I looked semi presentable. I was in my car, reading online news via my phone. And she knocked on my window and I rolled it down. And she was like...hey!" And I was like "hey"  so we chit chatted a few minutes and that was that. : )

In other news. Bad, worrisome, troubling news. My dad's computer has not made it to Guam yet. I am tracking that sucker and have been. It should have arrived between Jan25-28th. As you can tell it is now Feb 2nd and umm, no computer. The seller, a reputable 100% seller shipped it out, in good faith immediately. Like as fast as lightning. I see they paid for insurance for the computer etc. And I am sure he is tracking it, as am I. #1 this is bad because my dad needs his computer. However his brain dead computer is still hanging on by a thread. #2 this is also bad because Noboru is leaving for training soon. He will be gone a considerable amount of time. And while things like bills etc are not a worry because we have everything set up on auto payment. However there are still many things we have to get ready and prepare for, here at our house. So, we *really* need my dad's computer to arrive and so Noboru can get to Guam and set my dad up. So this is like a very big concern for us all right now. Where is my dad's computer? That's sort of the million dollar question right now. : ) And we are waiting. So waiting... with great anticipation would be a huge understatement.

What songs have I been listening to lately? Drop in the Ocean by Omi, it has a very nice island vibe. Twenty One Pilots, Stressed Out (this is Bran's favorite song as of right now) Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor is so catchy and we have been listening to that as well. Macklemore Downtown is a great song and the video is funny.

What have I been watching on TV lately? I watched the new TV show called Lucifer. I read online how bad it was. How you shouldn't even watch it. They had been airing the commercials for it and so, I decided to make up my own mind. I watched the first episode. And I liked it. Have also been watching Teen Mom OG. I had read online that Nicki Minaj had tweeted how she thinks Farrah from Teen Mom is a *itch to her mother. I didn't think too much about it. And then that night I caught the episode she was referencing to. All, I can say is OMG! Nicki Minaj was so right. Farrah is so verbally abusive to her mother it seriously makes me sick. Seriously, if you can find the blurb on YouTube anywhere... definitely watch it. Farrah had asked her mom to watch her daughter for 1 month. Her mother is a great fantastic grandma and she said, of course! However, Farrah being Farrah started pulling a power trip. And then it all boiled down to. She asked her dad (her parents are divorced) to watch her daughter for the month instead and then she told her mom in this crazy rant at the table...how you need to respect my rules. And respect me and do what I say. And there is the grandma saying while crying..."I do respect you Farrah" and Farrah is not backing down. However the grandma doesn't want to fight at all. And she is going off on the grandma. and the grandma is in tears crying at the dinner table. It's just verbal abuse. And I always feel so sorry for Farrah's mom. Why is Farrah so mean? I think it is so clear to any of us watching Teen Mom OG how Farrah treats her mom like dog crap. And it's just so sad. She does not deserve that. 

Tomorrow Bran has a big test, he has been studying his brains out for weeks for it. And guess what? I have just been emailed from the JHS, just this second. That due to influenza, the test is being canceled for tomorrow, so postponed basically and will be in March instead, this is only for both 8th grade classes. The other grades at JHS still have theirs tomorrow. @_@  In a way it's good news because it gives you more time to study. But in a way...with it being so delayed...also it could be a chance to forget stuff too. @_@