Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016...

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day, yesterday. We had a nice and quiet one over here. : ) I picked up both Branden and Noah's V-day gifts, about 3 weeks ago. As soon as they started selling them/put them out, is when I went and picked something for the boys. The lady wrapped them...put them into gift bags for me for free, which was awesome. 

These were really cute and had a ton of little chocolates in there. And kids here, love this chocolate, so I figured it would be a cute idea. : ) 

So many chocolates, so the boys were scratched off the list. And for Noboru, I usually bake him cupcakes every year... however last week, he said, "honey I really don't need anything sweet, if you wanted to make me super happy... seriously a big bag of squid would, be the best gift for me." My thoughts? A little unusual, but...most Japanese guys love that stuff and my husband especially loves it! So, done and done, while I was at my regular grocery store last week... I picked up a big honkin' bag of it and with a pack of red bows bought from Daiso, I decorated his big bag of yummy nummy's for him. : ) So it was really an easy V-day for me this year. Not bad, not bad! : ) 

What did I get for Valentine's Day? Last week, we ordered a new bottle of Vitamin C serum for me for $14 dollars and free shipping to Japan from Wishtrend. And he also bought me this box of my favorite chocolates too. So, I was really happy. And the Vitamin C serum didn't get here yet...but eh...I'm fine with will get here, when it gets here. : ) 
Valentine's Day dinner for a family of 4. We ordered some Pizza Hut, 2 large pepperoni and mushroom pan pizzas and a large baked fries. And the closest pizza place to us, is all the way in Narita City, so we went and picked it up...all of us in our sweatpants and me in my yoga pants and sweatshirt. Not a stitch of makeup on. We came home and feasted and watched good TV for the evening. : ) A perfect...very low key Valentine's Day. : )