Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Throwback Thursday...

Today's Throwback Thursday comes from February 2013. I decided to take the the kids to Guam for a weekend getaway. We're so lucky to be able to do stuff like this, with our flight benefits. We stayed at my dad's condo and on this morning we went to breakfast at Denny's. I had the banana pecan pancakes, bacon and scrambled egg meal. And a hot coffee, that morning. I really like letting the boys have weekend getaways like this. Where they can just unwind, see their grandpa (my dad) and just have a lovely weekend before flying back to Japan. We're lucky it's a short 3 hour flight from Japan. 

February in America also means the lovely Girl Scouts are out in full force selling those yummy cookies! *Bliss* Every time I see them, I buy some because #1 it's for a good cause. And #2 those cookies are delicious! : ) 

We went and saw a comedy...a zombie movie. It was so funny and perfect for my 2 kiddos! We had popcorn and movies snacks and drinks. Again, I just want the kids to have fun. Visit with my dad. Create some new memories. And have a great time. : )

Lunch after the movie. Hi Noah! : )

Dinner! And the next morning we would be leaving. 

Awww, I remember when Bran loved Ben 10. Hahaha. How cute. I always want the kids to sit together. But, Bran insisted. He said, "mom, please let me take your seat because I want to pretend I am traveling alone?" Keep in mind he was an arm length away from me and keep in mind the flight attendant just heard that and gave me a smile, she must be a mom because you can tell she totally "got that". @_@ But you So, I said okay then... you can take my seat and I'll take yours. : ) All the flight attendants knew we 3 were together and duh...we all have the same last name too. But...kid logic, what can I say. : ) In his mind for the 3 hours he was..."mysterious traveling alone/solo Branden" Wink wink. : )  

Please little one stay little...for a little while longer. And don't tell me you too...want to be a mysterious...traveling all by yourself kiddo too now! @_@ : ) Lucky for me, he didn't and he still doesn't. He likes being right by my side even now. Bran too for the most part. : ) 

Noah cutting his meal and watching a movie. Boy that tart looks so good. : )

Hello travelling all by yourself unknown person. Wink wink. : ) Cough cough...I sure am keeping my eyes on you Branden. He ate his lunch and watched a movie. Kids at that age want to try to start spreading their wings. But that's when I keep a closer eye. Even now, even still. : ) 
Then he flattened out his seat to a bed and he slept the rest of the way back home to Japan. 

I sure do love you kid! : )

He sleeps. Noah slept the rest of the way back home to Japan too. And as for me, I watched the movie, kept guard/watch over both the boys. And that's it really. : ) 

I only brought 1 suitcase. And I didn't bring back tons and tons of stuff. I just brought back a handful of useful things.  You know, like 3 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. 1 tube of toothpaste. 1 lone cake mix. A big box of cereal (Cinnamon Toast Crunch). And my wreath for our front door. Anyone remember the name I gave her? Aretha. Get it? A-wreath-ah. So Aretha. LOL! Aretha is hanging on my door right this second as I type this. Hahaha. 

Some mac and cheese. Some Italian of course. Frozen ravioli and a frozen lasagna. That's it really. But yep, that was our TBT from 2013. : ) As soon as Noboru gets back from his training. I will start to think when I can get myself to Guam again. Because I am planing on it.

Update on us now? Noboru is doing good. Tonight they are at Joe's Crab Shack. Or another restaurant like that. He said Wednesday nights are... all you can eat crab. That's Thursday morning for us in Japan. Japanese people *love* crab. Noboru especially totally loves it. And Noboru brought from Japan, a bottle of crab sauce and a bottle of ponzu. He told me this morning Japan time/evening for him. He is going to eat so much crab tonight, that he will make that restaurant cry after they leave. Hahaha. @_@ Seriously. : ) All 5 Japanese guys are there and they are all ready to get their... eat on! Or get their crab on! Let's put it that way.  Poor poor restaurant! They're at the restaurant right now in fact. Hahaha. : )

As for the kids. The boys are doing really good. Noah helped me make dinner last night (the chili). Branden helps Noah with his homework every night and reads and stamps Noah's renrakucho every night. He's such a fantastic big brother and both kids are both helping out so much. Like I always tell them. We are a team around here. Family helps family. And family sticks up for family. And they know that. And so we definitely have each other backs around here. This Saturday will mark 1 week down, 3 weeks to go. : )

What else, I have my movie/lunch date tomorrow. We will go and see the Martian tomorrow... the morning movie. I am looking forward to that. I made a big pot of beans (pinto) yesterday. And I also made pork green chili yesterday too, the pork was done in the day time. That chili is so hot you guys. it's like pure fireballs. It will take us days to finish that chili. Because it is so hot. Flavorful yes, but hot as lava. LOL. We will have bean burritos, breakfast burritos. Chili cheese fries with it. We will be eating chili for tonight (leftovers) and quite possibly tomorrow night too. Depends on how fast we can eat it. It's actually not a bad thing though. Because that just means meals are going to be super easy, since everything is basically done. The main things are done 100%, meal preparation wise. So meals for a while are going to be super easy and really good.